• Tränklein 22629

    $700 - Würzburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Tränklein
  • Hang 106DTK 61972

    $2,500 - Würzburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hang

    3-head paper drilling machine (extendable)

  • 1992 Bickel miscellaneous SGU 150 61954

    $14,900 - Würzburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Bickel

    infeed (connection to folding machine)positioning unitpunching unit2 punching tools for edgeperforating (straight, curved)additional buckle folding devicedelivery (straight belts)operating panel

  • 1981 Schimanek 10/120 31893

    No price - Würzburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schimanek
  • Tranklein BRM 500 QV59435

    No price - Aachen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Tranklein

    this book back rounding machine enables a fast and shapely rounding of thread-bound and adhesive book blocks. quick adjustment of each book thickness according to a scale via handwheel makes the ma...

  • New Muller Martini Tigra Perfect Binder

    No price - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Müller Martini
    • Model: TIGRA

    the muller martini tigra is a compact and cost effective solution for small - medium sized bindery operations. running at 3,600 cycles per hour the system features menu guided controls for fast...