• sol 4 kvadrat SOLFANGER med isolert vedovn

    $27,447,600 - Norway

      sample project for example svømebaseng garden mm. 4 m2 vacuum sun collectors + 25kw at oven isolated providing all hot water house or svømebaseng. using a titanium heat exchanger. house prices 33.0...

    • Hybrid EcoWee Eldhuset er i drift 11.Mai 2013

      No price - Norway

        had no room for thoughts iboligen, the solution hybrid weeeco eldhus link with all energies - consumption - temperatures image with present coming. three tanks (800 literx 2+ 300 liters dobbelmantl...

      • Sol ELDHUS med hybrid varmepume vakuumrør solfangere cop 5-6

        $27,399,600 - Norway

          33.000.- + vat for house (patent), operating system for transferring heat to residential and heat pumps, solar and hybrid heat pump can integrerespåeksisterende roof and basement. basis for ecowee ...