• BTU In-Line Diffusion Furnace System - New, Neve Installed

    • Manufacturer: BTU

      new, never installed! btu conveyor furnace btu standard tfq series in-line diffusion furnace with 36" wide belt, quartz plate construction (top & bottom), quartz tubes for belt support, a gas-tightcase and with ...

      Morrisville, PA, USA
    • 2005 GT Solar Silicon Casting Station DSS 270 Silicon Casting Furnace

      • Manufacturer: GT Solar

        silicon casting station gt solar dss 270 silicon casting furnace, directional solidification system, station # 29 (bp safety upgrades), includes kinney mb400 and ktc-112 high vacuum pumps, cooling water 130 l/min...

        Morrisville, PA, USA
      • Pauselli 500 Solar Washer

            features and benefits of the pauselli 500 solar washer: deep clean: rather than using brushes, dirt is removed by adjustable high-pressure water spray from six rotating heads positioned close to the panel. high ...

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            Wilmington, DE
          • Solar 8282-1, Transient Pulse Generator

            • Manufacturer: Solar

              the solar 8282-1 transient pulse generator was designed for screen room use in making conducted spike susceptibility tests. it provides all the waveshapes required by mil-std-461b, mil-std-461c and many other mil...

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              Vista, CA, USA
            • Mazaka Solar Washer

                  features and benefits of the mazaka solar washer: this efficient solar washer cleans approximately 3700 to 4200 square metres per hour. the specially designed soft strap cleans the panels, ensuring no damage or s...

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                  Wilmington, DE
                • Rena InOx Etch Tool

                  • Manufacturer: Rena

                    rena inox etch tool hf2:  14'l x 7'w x 7'h 208v ac 3ph current 15a line frequency 60 hz with operation, installation and maintenance manuals. includes (1) ats loader & (1) unloader ticket: 14647 preliminary speci...

                    Morrisville, PA, USA
                  • 1999 Daewoo Solar 170 LC III

                    • Manufacturer: Daewoo
                    • Hours: 6000 h

                    hours: 6000 h | country: united kingdom | division: construction equipment | accessories: - hammer hydr. function- line rupture valve boom -> safety line rupture valve - boom/hoist- rotating beacon- joystick con...

                    Aldermaston, United Kingdom
                  • SOLAR Photovoltaic CELL MANUFACTURING plant

                    • Manufacturer: ROTH RAU MAINZ RENA BACCINI

                      solar photovoltaic cell plant equipment details: the photovoltaic cell manufacturing plant has a yearly production output of 30 mw/year, easily upgradeable to 60 mw/year and with an optimal output of 120 ...

                      Western Europe
                    • 2001 Daewoo Solar 220LC-V

                      • Manufacturer: Daewoo
                      • Model: SOLAR 220LC-V
                      • Hours: 12964

                      options: bucket, hammer/shear hydr. circuit, quick coupler, safety line rupture valve - boom/hoist, safety line rupture valve - dipper/stick

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                      Ambt Delden, Netherlands
                    • Solar LISN 6338-5-PJ-50-BNC

                      • Manufacturer: PJ Trailers

                        the 6338-5-pj-50-bnc is a used lisn from solar. a line impedance stabilization network (lisn) device is something engineers use to test radiofrequency (rf) emission and susceptibility. during an electronic equipm...

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                        Elgin, IL, USA