• Evaporator, Vacuum, Solvent, Finish Thompson, LS-55JV,

    No price - Brisbane, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: LS

    solvent recovery system, manufactured by finish thompson, model ls-55jv, rated for 55 gallons/shift. includes still and boiling chamber. operates by filling boiler chamber & heating solvent while c...

  • Scrubber, Solvent Recovery, 600 CFM, S/st, Chiller, Carbon,

    No price - Brisbane, CA, USA

      solvent recovery system, air scrubber, 600 cfm inlet, 2' diameter x 12' hi stainless steel spray column, 3' x 5' stainless steel accumulation tank, stainless steel heat exchanger, plc controls, ...

    • 1994 DeSmet Model 3 8080

      No price - Texas, United States
      • Manufacturer: DeSmet

      desmet edible oil solvent extraction plant - complete. capacity 125 mtpd (could get to 150 mtpd). horizontal bed. this complete plant has already been removed and is ready to load. desmet solvent e...

    • Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, DRY-20, Batch, Unused (10)

      No price - Chowchilla, CA, USA

        (10) led italia vacuum evaporator/distillation system, model dry-20. all 316 stainless steel, self contained unit in cabinet. 0.37 gallons (1. 4 liter) distillate per hour. designed to evaporate...

      • Tank, 230 Gallon, Alum, 17" X 8' X 33", FT/FB, Cover,

        No price - San Dimas, CA, USA

          230 gallon capacity tank, aluminum, flat bottom, rectangular vessel. tank measures 17" wide x 8' long x 33" high, with closed top vessel last used as solvent recovery tank.

        • Buchi Rotovapor R-3000

          $3,495 - Golden Valley, MN, USA
          • Manufacturer: Buchi

          the rotavapor r-3000 is ideal for routine solvent distillations and suitable for educational applications. the r-3000 is manufactured by buchi who virtually wrote the book on rotary evaporation and...

        • Branson B452RS 60644

          $14,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Branson

          ultrasonic vapor degreaser. the branson b-series ultrasonic vapor degreasers are a series of environmentally sound, cost effective precision degreasers. the b-series is designed to comply with epa ...

        • Vacuubrand MD 4C VAC-3241

          $2,400 - San Jose, CA, USA
          • Manufacturer: Vacuubrand

          this oil-free, chemistry version (the c in the model number) pump is the right choice for vacuum filtration, degassing, vacuum drying, rotary evaporation, distillation, gel drying and many other va...

        • Industrial Washer RENZMANN 320-W-18 # 59358

          No price - Göttingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Advance

          industrial washer renzmann 320-w-18, bj. 1996, s / n 26440, contents 585 l, 20 kw, 2,600 m³ / h, solvent hydroxide solution 15%, 3 pressure cylinders, for cleaning accessories of printing machines,...

        • 1997 DÜRR Ecoclean Universal 81 S

          No price - Krefeld, Germany
          • Manufacturer: DÜRR

          used dürr ecoclean 81 s - continuous washing unit / washer system the cleaning medium is perchlorethylene. the cleaning with perchlorethylene remains one of the most common cleaning methods of chem...