• AGILENT 8168F 1450 to 1590 nm Tunable Laser Source

    • Manufacturer: Agilent
    • Model: 8168F

      the hp 8168f tunable laser source is a basic tool for characterizing and testing optical amplifiers and components. the current values of wavelength and output power are indicated on a large and bright display. y...

      $6,000 (USD)
      Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • AGILENT 83437A Broadband Light Source

      • Manufacturer: Agilent

        the agilent 83437a broadband light source (bbls) is based on agilent technologies’ edge-emitting led (eeled) technology. an eeled provides significantly more power density into a single-mode fiber than a regular ...

        $2,500 (USD)
        Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
      • Signal Forge 1020

            signal forge 1020 details signal forge 1020 discontinued product the sf1020 is small enough­8.5in x 5.4in x 2.5in­and light enough, at 2.75 pounds, to carry in a laptop computer bag. unlike other small-sized sign...

            No price
            Lake Mary, FL, USA
          • AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 100S1G4M1

            • Manufacturer: Amplifier Research

              ar amplifier research 100s1g4m1 800 - 4.2 ghz 100 watts amplifier condition: used

              $53,000 (USD)
              United States
            • AMPLIFIER RESEARCH 200T4G8

              • Manufacturer: Amplifier Research
              • Power: 200.0 W

              ar amplifier research 200t4g8 4 - 8 ghz 200 watts amplifier condition: used the model 200t4g8 is a self contained, forced air cooled, broadband traveling wave tube (twt) microwave amplifier designed for applicati...

              $79,000 (USD)
              United States
            • Agilent HP 83651B

              • Manufacturer: Agilent
              • Model: 83651B
              • Power: -20 dBm to +10 dBm

              agilent/hp 83651b 45mhz to 50ghz synthesized sweeper/generator 8510 tested condition: used returns: 30 days money back, buyer pays return shipping the agilent 83651b is a dedicated source optimized for use with a...

              $13,750 (USD)
              United States
            • Agilent HP 83592B-002 Sweep Generator Plug-in w/ step attenuator

              • Manufacturer: Agilent

                product specs: high output power excellent harmonic performance low cost of ownership     other info: applications for the hp agilent 83592b include scalar network analysis, serving as a local oscillator for down...

                $4,395 (USD)
                Londonderry, NH, USA
              • Agilent HP 83621A Sweep Generator

                • Manufacturer: Agilent

                  product specs: 45 mhz to 20 ghz 1 hz frequency resolution blank front panel designed for use in agilent hp 8510 network analyzer systems other info: the agilent hp 83621a is a dedicated source optimized for use w...

                  $5,995 (USD)
                  Londonderry, NH, USA
                • DEC/Digital VAXstation 50-21796-01 D1P1 54-21797-01 F04 MOTHERBOARD 70-29672-01

                  • Manufacturer: DEC

                    h3-11140 dec/digital vaxstation 50-21796-01 d1p1 54-21797-01 f04 motherboard 70-29672-01 shipping policy we ship within 24 hours of receiving payment! (if paid for sunday-thursday)  most items are shipped using u...

                    No price
                    Stevensville, MI, USA
                  • Anritsu 68059B

                    • Manufacturer: Anritsu
                    • Power: +13dBm

                    anritsu 68059b-2a-11-14 10mhz - 26.5ghz synthesized cw signal generator tested condition: used returns: 30 days money back, buyer pays return shipping the 69000a/ 68000b synthesized cw generators feature 10 mhz t...

                    $8,750 (USD)
                    United States

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