• 2015 Amazone D9-3000 SPECIAL

    • Manufacturer: Amazone

      for mulching and direct sowing cross-circuit switch, rolltec screen sharp; 25 series, exactls, loading, lighting, analog + controller, sawelue monitoring, level detector, feiner, 12 cm series; artnr equipment

      $12,320 (USD)
    • 2002 Lemken EURODRILL S 300

      • Manufacturer: LEMKEN

        gebr. lemken seed drill currycomb central locking system track markers hydr. fahrgassenschaltung 25 towing coulters

        $3,973 (USD)
        Alpen, Germany
      • 2011 Amazone EDX 6000-2C

        • Manufacturer: Amazone
        • Model: EDX 6000-2C

          gebr. amazone maize spreader 8 series mulchsaatausrüstung fertilizer tank befüllschnecke top condition

          No price
          Alpen, Germany
        • 2013 Horsch Maistro 8 CC

          • Manufacturer: Horsch
          • Model: MAISTRO 8 CC

            superimposed mechanical corn drills. was always under the roof; like new very robust mechanical sowing technique ideal for maize sowing; without pneumatics! each row can be individually switched off hydraulic dri...

            $57,880 (USD)
            Karlsruhe, Germany
          • Kleine Maxikorn

            • Manufacturer: Kleine

              6 rows foldable seeding discs m 1 pair of wheel trackers mech. row marker equipment: hydraulic folding track cracker

              $2,419 (USD)
              Karlsruhe, Germany
            • 2001 Amazone ED 451-K

              • Manufacturer: Amazone

                machine is in good condition, overloading ear for fertilizer, hydr. foldable, track markers equipment

                $13,180 (USD)
              • 1986 Kleine UniCorn 2

                • Manufacturer: Kleine

                  sales in customer order equipment track cracker: yes | number of rows: 12 | number of wheels: 2 | hydraulic folding: yes

                  $3,237 (USD)
                • Kuhn Rotary harrow w. Accord drill

                  • Manufacturer: Kuhn

                    model info: kreiselegge m. accord drillmaschine | working width (meter): 4.5

                    $6,189 (USD)
                  • Becker Aeromat SE

                    • Manufacturer: Becker
                    • Model: AEROMAT SE

                      used becker single grain sowing machine, in good condition, from hobby customer order vat not applicable

                      $3,381 (USD)
                    • 2008 Horsch Pronto DC 3

                      • Manufacturer: Horsch

                        approx. 1000 ha hydr. fan drive top condition customer order equipment

                        $33,139 (USD)

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