• RAU Sowing Combination Rototiller with Hassia Sowing Machine 3.00 m

    No price - Murg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Vicon

    very compact 3.00 m sowing combination with rototiller (approx. 250 ha, new tines mounted in 2015) and hassia sowing machine mechanically with 20 towing coaches, tramline and pneupacker, hydr. dept...

  • 2012 Poettinger Lion 301/Vitasem 302 ADD Sowing combination

    $21,904 - Billigheim, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Poettinger

    harrow cutting packer roller levelling cardan shaft with clutch hydr. top links to the drillmaschine seed drill mechanical construction drill with 24 dual-disc doppelscheibenschare disc coulter dia...

  • Rabe 4 MTR. with nordsten CLP

    $4,392 - Horsens, Denmark
    • Manufacturer: Rabe

    rape / nordsten sowing combination electronic seeding with tramline and tooth packer roller

  • 2000 Accord THERE Combination

    $14,177 - Heller Baumaschinen&Landtechnik GmbH, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Accord

    ready for sowing combination 3m accord da slices trace trackers pre-emergence mark rotary harrow rabe mke300 with tooth packer roller

  • Amazone KE303-170 Combination

    No price - Müller Sebastian AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    used sowing combination, very good condition, circular seed harrow amazone ke 303-170 pneuwalze 3m and new tines sowing machine ad-p 303 special windshield wiper blade pneumatic

  • 2011 Kuhn Combination HR 304 D Venta Combination

    No price - Studer AG Lyssach, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kuhn

    sowing combination rotary harrow with built-on pneumatic seed drill / working width 300 cm / tine quick change / tooth packer roller 515 mm / hydraulic blower drive / lighting & amp; warnboard / de...

  • 2015 Amazone KE 3000 SUPER AD 3000 SPECIAL SPECIAL

    $34,928 - Schär Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    sowing combination complete; circular gear with camshaft coupling and tooth packer roller construction seeder 3 m with 24 rotec shares - lighting - exact harrow - spur wheel drive - terminal amalog...

  • 2010 Amazone KG with ADP Special

    $26,051 - Grafenstein, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    the amazone sowing combination kg + adp special is in a very good optical and technical zusatnd. it has an ascent with landing, it has a number of number of 22 pieces, the working width is 3m she h...

  • 2002 Kverneland DA

    $16,024 - Borgentreich, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kverneland
    • Model: DA

    technically good sowing combination with cx1 sowing coulter, hydr. spring tensioning, harrow, new-grade core roller, new-quality tines, camshaft coupling, fgs for up to 27 meter tramline, fine sow...

  • Amazone AD-P 3000 Special & KX 3000

    No price - Ziersdorf, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Amazone

    amazone sowing combination with 3 m working width, pneumatic sowing machine ad-p, on-board computer amatron, radarsensor, reel harness, 24 rotec-shares, track indicator, gyroscope kx 3000, tines on...