• 2016 Köckerling Grasmaster 600

    $13,504 - Tüttleben, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Köckerling
    • Model: GRASMASTER 600

    köckerling grasmaster 600 with sowing technique lighting hydr. sowing stop levelboard

  • Nordsten NS103 Sowing machine

    $4,109 - Kleiner Landmaschinen AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Nordsten

    beautiful machine little used vat: margenbesteuert en | subcategory 2: dinhardi offer | agricultural technique | subcategory 3: sowing technique | subcategory 4: sowing machine | type of advert: i ...

  • Sowing machine Huet

    $5,935 - Jampen Landmaschinen AG, Switzerland

      working width 1.4m for 1.5m track 18 coulters vat: inkl. mwst de | subcategory 2: müntschemieri offer | agricultural technique | subcategory 3: sowing technique | subcategory 4: sowing machine | ty...

    • 2013 3m Sowing machine Moore, direct sowing machine for grass in grass

      No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Moore

      32 slicing coulters, 9cm row spacing. pneumatic seed drill accord da. blower with pto drive. güttler roller as a follow-up and for depth control. weight approx. 2200 kg. additional ballast availabl...

    • Amazone D9-30 Sowing machine

      $9,693 - Hans Kunz Landtechnik AG, Switzerland Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Amazone
      • Model: D9-30

      very nice slicing machine, little run. with guarantee as a regional sales and service center for the world market claas as well as other premium brands of agricultural and special machines, we offe...

    • Amazone D9-25 Sowing machine

      $5,836 - Garage Willy Berger, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: Amazone

      sowing machine amazone d9-25, working width: 2.5m, with 21 towing coulters, fine sowing wheel, tires: 6.00-16, hydr./mech. tramway switch 1.5m, gearbox infinitely variable, perfect harness, lightin...

    • BOBY 730 Seed sowing machine

      $9,792 - SILENT AG, Switzerland

        bezinmotor honda gx160, 5.5 ps 1 forward / 1 reverse working width 73 cm, total width 90 cm volume 60 l / 20 kg pre-roll to avoid too big covering the sames precisely dosed sowing: straight adjustm...

      • 3m Seed sowing machine for grass / intercropping / fertilization

        No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland

          box with optional 11 or 22 outlets, mech. drive via spur wheel, easy set-up, twist box, assembly on cultivator and the like interesting price. also in version 2.5m

        • Pegoraro RD300 Rotary harrow with Nodet sowing machine

          $5,836 - Lüthi Landmaschinen, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: Pegoraro

          circular sawmill pegoraro with hitch and seed machine with disc coulter for sale tel. customer

        • 1997 Kuhn PLANTER II Direct sowing machine

          $8,939 - Pithiviers, France
          • Manufacturer: Kuhn
          • Model: PLANTER II

          description 11-electronic housing: no 17-first hand: yes 3- capacity tremie (l): 25 4-folding: no 6-width chassis (m): 4 9-element sower: socs trays colza sunflower hydraulic plotters plas...