• Konica Minolta CM-2002

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

      konica minolta cm-2002 details konica minolta cm-2002 spectrophotometer the konica minolta cm-2002 spectrophotometer uses a pulsed xenon arc light bulb, which illuminates a round aperture 0.8 cm in...

    • Perkin Elmer Plasma II 28864

      $1,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

      inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer. utilizes two separate one meter ebert monochromators operating totally independent of the other, providing high speed of analysis of up to 50 eleme...


      No price - Longmont, CO, USA
      • Manufacturer: Leybold

      ultratest, leybold-heraeus, no. m2, m2ds, m2by, helium leak detector leybold-heraeus, #wau500/d90a, verti pump system also available at additional cost, ask about package pricing!!! equipped with (...

    • 2012 Techkon SpectroJet

      No price - Dabergotz, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Techkon

      the scan-spectrometer techkon spectrojet revolutionizes automatic measurements of densities, dot gains and colorimetric values ​​on any print control strip. the meter is simply out of hand on the m...


      No price - Milan, Italy
      • Manufacturer: MESDAN - TEXTECNO

      laboratory for yarn equipment mesdan - textecno yarn equipment used machine textecno dinamometer year 1992mesdan sample winter colour yarn year 2000mesdan type m 120textrite thermal shrinkage oven ...