• Agilent Technologies G1995A Chip Cube Flow Meter

    • Manufacturer: Agilent

      the agilent g1995a chip cube flow meter is designed to achieve facile operation of chromatography at nanoliter flow rates (nano-chromatography) when used in conjunction with mass spectrometers.

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      East Lyme, CT, USA
    • Konica Minolta CM-2002

          konica minolta cm-2002 details konica minolta cm-2002 spectrophotometer the konica minolta cm-2002 spectrophotometer uses a pulsed xenon arc light bulb, which illuminates a round aperture 0.8 cm in diameter. the ...

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          Lake Mary, FL, USA
        • Perkin Elmer Plasma II 28864

          • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

            inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer. utilizes two separate one meter ebert monochromators operating totally independent of the other, providing high speed of analysis of up to 50 elements/min. long-t...

            Freehold Township, NJ, USA

            • Manufacturer: Leybold

              ultratest, leybold-heraeus, no. m2, m2ds, m2by, helium leak detector leybold-heraeus, #wau500/d90a, verti pump system also available at additional cost, ask about package pricing!!! equipped with (buyer to verify...

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              Longmont, CO, USA
            • 2006 ELNIK SYSTEMS IN-250 140" D x 40" W x 60" H Titanium Vacuum Furnace with Moly Elements

              • Manufacturer: Becker

                high vacuum furnace used for large titanium aircraft parts. like new! hardly used! hot zone: 40"w x 60" h x 140" l max. temp.: 1600 deg f. front & rear doors. furnace controlled using a pc computer...

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                California, United States