• Agilent Technologies G1103A 8453 Spectroscopy System

    $6,995 - Frederick, MD
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    division: lab equipment

  • Agilent / HP 8453 UV-Visible Spectrophotometer ( Spectroscopy System )

    $5,900 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    this agilent 8453 uv-vis spectrophotometer ( spectroscopy system ) with g1120a multicell transport and computer with chemstation ( ultra violet visible g 1120 a ) is in excellent condition.  the ag...

  • Nicolet Magna 560 FTIR Spectrometer

    $17,500 - Hayward, CA

      complete mid-ir system with a computer and omnic 4 software. spectral range 7400-650 cm comes with a high sensitivity mct-a detector, kbr beamsplitter, ever-glo source

    • Nicolet Magna 550 Series 2 FT NIR FTNIR Spectrometer

      $16,500 - Hayward, CA

        complete nir system with a computer and omnic 5 software. quartz beamsplitter spectral range 15000-2800 cm two detectors: si (15000-9000 cm

      • MDS Sciex CellKey

        No price - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: MDS Sciex

        the mds sciex cellkey is a high throughput secondary screening system ideal for drug discovery based research. designed to provide label-free analysis for real-time cell-based assays, this platform...

      • Thermo Scientific GC / MS-MS TSQ Quantum XLS With quadrupole mass filter

        $88,051 - Borken, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

        it is a gc / ms-ms system with a quadrupole mass filter. gas chromatograph / mass spectrometer system the detector is equipped with an ei source, but it can also be operated as a ci. the injecto...

      • Cetac ASX-500 24520

        $4,396 - Burladingen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Cetac

        cetac autosampler asx 500. interfaces: diluter, com 1. with power supply. integrated peristaltic pump. 230v. 50/60hz.

      • 2010 Thermo Fisher ARL QuantoDesk 24770

        $20,405 - Burladingen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Thermo

        thermo fisher emissions-spectrometer arl quantodesk. for steel and metal processing. wavelength 170-410 nm. matrix: fe, al, cu. ambient temperature 15-30° c. 110/230v. 50/60 hz. monitor. printer. e...

      • Spectro RF-Generator 20644

        $3,652 - Burladingen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Spectro

        spectro rf generator for icp devices. 27 mhz. 2,3 kw. sop. air-cooled. unbird sop with 7t85rb tube. tested by the manufacturer

      • Spectro Ciros CCD 26420

        $40,307 - Burladingen, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Spectro

        spectro icp-oes ciros ccd. 380 v. 50/60 hz. 6000 w. with polychromator. detector. uv system. autosampler as 400. computer. monitor (windows xp). software spectro smart analyzer v1.2 original cd, v ...