• Cetac U-5000AT Ultrasonic Nebulizer

    $9,500 - Hayward, CA, USA

      comes with constant temperature cooling system (ctcs), interface kit, this item is new, still in the original boxes, so no picture is available. utility cart, all consumables and spare parts..

    • Nicolet Magna 550 Series 2 FT NIR FTNIR Spectrometer

      $16,500 - Hayward, CA, USA

        spectral range 15000-2800 cm two detectors: si (15000-9000 cm complete nir system with a computer and omnic 5 software. quartz beamsplitter

      • Nicolet Magna 560 FTIR Spectrometer

        $17,500 - Hayward, CA, USA

          comes with a high sensitivity mct-a detector, kbr beamsplitter, ever-glo source complete mid-ir system with a computer and omnic 4 software. spectral range 7400-650 cm

        • Varian 7T MRI

          No price - Woonsocket, RI, USA
          • Manufacturer: Varian

          varian 7t mri system for in vivo and in vitro imaging and spectroscopy capability for small animals and high resolution imaging of fixed samples. manufacturer: varian model: 7t mri serial #: 7t210a...

        • Shimadzu UV-1601

          No price - Gaithersburg, MD, USA
          • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

          shimadzu uv-1601-pc uv-visible spectrophotometer condition:  very good.  functions properly.  guarantee:  15 day money back warranty:  ask for more information features/specifications: bandwid...

        • Perkin Elmer Optima 3000 28525

          $16,563 - Burladingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

          perkin elmer icp-oes optima 3000 with autosampler as 90 and controller. peristaltic pump. cooler neslab cft-75. ultrasonic nebulizer u5000 at. pc with preinstalled software winlab 32. is in good co...

        • 2014 Rigaku Progeny 29357

          $36,439 - Burladingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Rigaku

          rigaku handheld raman spectrometer progeny. integrated 1064nm optical system. with protective cover. additional battery charger. calibration sample. bottle holders. demo device.

        • Eco Chemie PGSTAT30

          $5,000 - Gaithersburg, MD, USA
          • Manufacturer: Eco Chemie

          eco chemie autolab pgstat 30 potentiostat/galvanostat  this device allows one to perform virtually any electrochemical measurement. it is a modular high current potentiostat/galvanostat with a maxi...

        • 2015 Maestrogen UltraBright LED 29520

          $795 - Burladingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Maestrogen

          maestrogen transilluminator ultrabright led. for the consideration of colorful gels on the bench or in gel documentation systems. led wavelength 470 nm (lb-16). 24 v. 1.25 a.

        • 2014 Perkin Elmer NexION 350X 29591

          $129,856 - Burladingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

          perkin elmer icp-ms nexion 350x. with polyscience chiller whispercool. cetag autosampler asx-520hs. fast sampling system esi onefast. software. this is a dual-use device.