• Semix/Tazmo Mdl TR1330D Spin coater TIDHC3402613

    No price - Dallas, TX, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: PM

    semix/tazmo mdl tr1330d spin coater, asset id 30006907. note: by bidding in this auction and on this lot, buyer acknowledges they have reviewed and accepted the bill of sale terms and conditions pe...

  • Cee 100CB 61475

    $7,500 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cee

    photoresist spinner and hotplate. brewer science cee spinner hot plate combo. the popular cb series features the 100 series spinner and 1110 hotplate into one compact and microprocessor controlled ...

  • Headway Research PWM32-R790 61325

    $5,250 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Headway Research

    photoresist spinner mounted in exhaust hood table. spin coater for substrates up to 5 in. diameter or diagonal. the bowl diameter is 7.9 in. id. up to 10,000 rpm for relatively light loads such as ...

  • Laurell WS-650SZ-6NPP/A1/AR1 61450

    $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Laurell

    photoresist spin coater. chamber: 7.5 in. dia. inside. controller allows operator interaction in real time during the process execution including pausing time, stopping and continuing on from that ...

  • Cee Brewer Science 200FX 60977

    $9,500 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cee Brewer Science

    large substrate precision spin coater. precision photoresist spin coater delivers track quality performance in an efficient space saving design. touch screen interface and display. acceleration: 0 ...

  • Cee Brewer Science 200CB 60954

    $9,500 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cee Brewer Science

    photoresist spin coater and hot plate combination tool. features the accuracy and repeatability needed to eliminate processing variability from photoresist and thin film deposition processes. user ...

  • Specialty Coating Systems G3P-12 60959

    $4,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Specialty Coating Systems

    precision photoresist spin coater. programmable model store and execute up to 30 programs with 20 steps each which are easily entered on the front panel lcd display and keypad. rotational speed: 0 ...

  • Solitec OptiTrac 51544

    $25,000 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Solitec

    photoresist developer. cassette to cassette photoresist developer. single spin develop module, 2 bake cool modules. pc controller. small cleanroom footprint. user friendly software.

  • Karl Suss RC8-MS3 60633

    $8,500 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Karl Suss

    photoresist spinner. unique design provides a better uniformity than conventional spin coaters. reduces resist consumption by up to 50 percent. fully programmable process parameters. handles up to ...

  • FAS Technologies MicroE™ 200 42576

    $32,000 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: FAS Technologies

    extrusion coating system. uses high precision extrusion technology to coat materials in a wide range of viscosities. coats very thick layers (100 micrometers) in a single step. repeatable digitally...