• 2002 Kolbus TR 160 Splitting saw

    No price - Lower Saxony, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kolbus

    sizеs bookblock max 510 x 305 x 80 mm min 250 x 100 x 5 mm splitting blade diameter 450 mm speed max 20000 books/h equipment •shuttle feeder •turn over belt

  • 2004 Homag ISL 112 Splitting

    $16,194 - Hammar, Sweden
    • Manufacturer: Homag

    splitting saw homag modеl isl 112 year 2004 machine no 2 raw, 2 saw machine suitable for spiltting mdf,vanéer,plastic or similar material max througfeed width 1500 mm max feeding speed 15-60 m/min ...

  • 2004 BGU SSA310 Wood saw / splitting machine Wood saw / splitting machine

    $11,598 - Flückiger Agritech AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: BGU
    • Hours: 19

    condition very good, very little used. three-point attachment, power take-off, electric motor, conveyor belt 3.8m with application height 2.6 m, splitting cross 4, 6-slit wedge, trunk thickness max...

  • Säge- und Spaltmaschine SSM 270 EZ BGU SSM270 95048 Gebrauchtmaschine

    $5,437 - Bad Liebenzell, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BGU

    the modern compact sawing and splitting machine for the ambitious brennholzaufarbeiter used ​​machines - tested and inspected in the warehouse bgu on function / good condition picture shows new mac...

  • Tajfun RCA 320-2 Saw cleaver

    $8,278 - Völlmin Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Tajfun

    equipment of the saw blade • 2 split channels • 2 x 10 t splitting force • 10-32 cm wood diameter • cutting length 20-50 cm • 16 "oregon sword • feed belt • length limiter • hold down tool • oil co...

  • 1991 Pankoke & Kochsiek PK 20 - 2 Circular saw for grooving and splitting

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pankoke & Kochsiek

    this machine was designed specifically for grooving and splitting of drawer fronts. on this machine can generally plattengenutet or divided. b7ccx

  • 2015 Fortschritt 17 Hydr. Wood splitting machine to with cable winch

    No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Fortschritt

    factory-new, ex stock splitting force 17 to, cylinder stroke 1.05m, very high speed thanks to 2-stage valve and high oil delivery, large oil tank, mechanical winch with deadman control and gripper ...

  • 2000 Grama UK 7 Moulder for splitting

    No price - Estonia
    • Manufacturer: Grama

    grama moulder in very good condition. ready to run. 7 spindle, 45mm spindle, tooling and splitting saws and spacers included. fully working condition. heavy duty lamella moulder. ex large multi nat...

  • 1976 MARTIN T76 Sliding Table Saw

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Martin

    circular saw for cutting and splitting wood plate-shaped materials, aluminum, ect. and cutting of solid wood planks. pivoting saw unit, cast aluminum table and trolley. the tilt and height adjustme...


    No price - United Kingdom
    • Manufacturer: Müller Martini

    muller martini book saw with turnover belt 3506 book saw/splitting saw trims perfect bound books with precison. fully automated to allow quick changeover long saw blade life turnover belt...