• 1998 Leif&Lorentz B3/550 Paint spraying machine

    No price - Schlotheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Leif&Lorentz

    for spraying bars, surfaces (max.550 mm wide) with two edges, 4 spray guns installed (z.zt.3 guns mounted; 4. pistol incl.) incl kpl.. pump system (plunger) -see photo; controlling the paint with p...

  • 2000 HIGUERAS PM300 and SAC/2. Profile spraying line

    No price - Madrid, Spain
    • Manufacturer: SAC

    profile spraying machines line higueras profile spraying machine higueras pm300 nº 2 position for nº 4 spray guns. variable regulation of feeding. feeding belt width 200 mm. step filtration. pain...

  • Delle Vedove Spraying machine for strips

    No price - Barntrup, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Delle Vedove

    strips paint machine delle vedove consisting of spray gun delle vedove workpiece width 10-150 mm workpiece length mm workpiece height 8-60 mm spray heads 3 conveyor band feed 10-40 m / min with pis...

  • Venjakob TKSM Edges spraying machine

    No price - Barntrup, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Venjakob

    working width 30 - 1300 mm working hеight 900 mm konstant workpiece thickness max. 3-140 mm spray arms left, right - working width adjustable spray gun 2x2 pump 1 transport speed 15m/min suitable f...

  • 2013 CEFLA PRIMA Oscillating spraying machine with 1 arm

    No price - Lithuania Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Cefla

    cefla oscillating spraying machine with one arm ima: right side of service. machine designed with a solid structure- laser 3d complete with wide glass access doors . infeed reading system optimizi...

  • 1996 Cattinair Rotoclean Spraying machine automatic

    No price - Slovakia
    • Manufacturer: Cattinair

    i sell two spraying automats cattinair rotoclean - both are same, yr.1996. working width 1400mm. rotating head with 4 positions for pistols (pistols and pump are not included) for sale with one add...

  • 2001 VENJAKOB HGS DUO/C Lacquering system VENJAKOB HGS DUO/C

    No price - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Venjakob

    yеar of manufacture: 2001 workpieces: panels opening width: 1300 mm dust extraction: yes spraying units: 1 uv-dryer: 3 infrared dryer: yes hot-air drying: nozzle dryer passage height max: 70mm wo...

  • Spraying Booths

    No price - Strzelce Opolskie, Poland

      danie techniczne automat wyposażony w pompę tłokową, 3 pistolety oraz stację filtrującą szerokość robocza max. 300mm wysokość max. 200mm szerokość taśmy transportowej 320mm wewnątrz kabiny rolki tr...

    • Hugo Brennenstuhl Paint spraying machine

      No price - Hesse, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Hugo Brennenstuhl

      paint spraying machine with maximum air-operated piston pump flow. 36 l / min. air inlet pressure max. 8 bar power: 2.6 kw beycn

    • 2016 DMS 600/4S Spraying Booths

      No price - Strzelce Opolskie, Poland
      • Manufacturer: DMS

      dane techniczne automat lakierniczy, może być używany do bejcowania jak również do lakierowania szer. robocza 600 mm ruchomy suport z pistoletami lakierniczymi odzysk lakieru system czyszczenia taś...