• 2006 Cefla EL1 11849

    $260,000 - Williamsport, PA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Cefla

    automatic carousel spray machine 16-head automatic spray gun carousel (guns removed) water wash type, thru feed belt conveyor type sgm control console, and allegro air filter unit the elispray repr...

  • 2011 Lochmann RPS 10/80UQ Spraying machine

    $6,863 - Frasnacht, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Lochmann

    1000 liters, 800 blowers with 16 nozzles, electr. 3-diaphragm pump 135l / min, 50bar, with new diaphragms, spreading width adjustable, lighting system, tires ery good condition

  • 2005 Boehmer 2-axis spraying machine

    No price - Winterbach, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Böhmer

    less working hours, only in use for sampling accessories: spray tool avaible lubrication container not avaible delivery time immediately

  • 1996 Empas spraying wagon 200 liter

    $2,074 - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Empas spuitapparatuur

    empas spraying wagon 200 liter hose spraying pistol 220volt motor

  • Crest Ultrasonics 6 Station Auto Transfer Aqueous Ultrasonic Washing System 4 Wash 2 Dry TanksCrest Ultrasonics 6 Station Auto Transfer Aqueous Washing System 4 Ultrasonic Wash 2 Dry Tanks

    $16,900 - Watertown, CT, USA
    • Manufacturer: Crest Ultrasonics

    make: crest ultrasonics 4 wash tanks - all have crest sonics on them tank sizes: 21" l to r x 26" f to b x 17.25 d (to top of weir, not top of tank) crest ultrasonic generators - model 4g-500-6...

  • 1992 Battenfeld 250/50 DA CD Spraying machine 25 to # 3164

    $9,078 - Wiefelstede, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Battenfeld

    closing-to-25 screw diameter 22 mm control unilog 2040 saving spacing 250x250 mm data collection terminal parts-removal device fab fab ass tcu single

  • Empas spraying equipment Columbo

    No price - Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Manufacturer: Empas spuitapparatuur

    empas colombo sprayingwagon with electromotor 380 volt motor 1000 liter mechanical reel hose

  • Shmelok HP Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine

    No price - Wilmington, DE

      the machine is equipped with detachable marking units that do not need any tools for replacement. at the same time, a spraying unit can be switched over to match a specific marking unit.

    • ARBURG 3-COLOR MACHINE 470H-2000-250-250-250 30627

      No price - Los Angeles, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Arburg

      No price - Newark, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: CBC

      ft / min ........................ 700 requires ........................ 2scf/min n2 @ 2mm h2o includes: the heat zone, with complete electrics; the dwell zone; the cooling zone, with recirculatin...