• Bio-Rad E5100 SEM Sputtering System

    • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

      for coating sem specimens with an ultra fine grain metallic coating, 6in. diameter x 6in. deep chamber, digital readout, variable voltage selector, recommended operating voltages are series 1hd 0-1.4kv, series 11...

      No price
      Mountain View, CA, USA
    • Anatech Hummer VI SEM Sputtering System

      • Manufacturer: Anatech

        for coating sem specimens with an ultra fine grain metallic coating, 4in. diameter x 3.75in. deep chamber, manual or timer mode on/off pulse option, stage with holes for holding 12 specimen stubs, 3 position plas...

        No price
        Mountain View, CA, USA

        • Manufacturer: CUSTOM SPUTTERING SYSTEM

          complete system for sputtering deposition station includes the following: - 3" meivac magnetron sputtering gun with water cooling and 0.75& ...

          $100,000 (USD)
          San Jose, CA, USA
        • S-Gun Sputtering, Varian 3125, 29", Varian 3125 with three S-Guns sputtering system. 29" dia x 24" L, stainless steel water cooled high vacuum chamber. No p

          • Manufacturer: Varian

            varian sputtering system 3125 with 3 s-guns 29” diameter x 24” deep stainless steel water cooled horizontal chamber. iso 250 vacuum port. no pumps. three varian s-guns with three power supplies (model 980-2084). ...

            No price
            Hayward, CA, USA
          • Denton Vacuum Desk II 61706

            • Manufacturer: Denton Vacuum

              self-contained cool sputter coater for sem samples. automatic or manual operation. sputter or etch modes. magnetron sputter head. 6-inch dia. chamber. does not come with gold foil target material. built-in vacuum...

              $3,950 (USD)
              Freehold Township, NJ, USA
            • Edwards Auto 500 61707

              • Manufacturer: Edwards

                deposition system with low temp organic source and resistive evaporation. front loading thin film deposition system for research and development or pre-production. system has a total of three evaporation sources,...

                $25,000 (USD)
                Freehold Township, NJ, USA
              • 2006 Applied Materials Aton Back Contact Machine Pvd sputtering system

                • Manufacturer: Applied Materials

                  sputtering system (horizontal) for substrates with max 1400mm height, with 3 planar kathodes (wide single magnetrons) and 1 kathode placeholder (empty), tool was used for zno/ag/ti deposition, lot to include pump...

                  No price
                  Amsterdam, Netherlands
                • C115278 Anelva SPF-710H Chrome Sputtering System w/(2) RF Generator, Transformer

                  • Manufacturer: International

                    product id # c115278 this anelva spf-710h chrome sputtering system includes a prf-503 5kw rf generator, a 922-9531 1kw rf generator, and a 4kv ...

                    $6,000 (USD)
                    Gilroy, CA, USA
                  • Innotec VS24C C87972 V-24-C High Vacuum Batch Vertical Sputtering Chamber System

                    • Manufacturer: International

                      this innotec group inc. model vs24c high vacuum batch vertical sputtering chamber system looks to be in good cosmetic condition, showing some signs of ...

                      $5,000 (USD)
                      Gilroy, CA, USA
                    • 2008 Singulus Technologies AG Crystalline Blu ray mastering line

                      • Manufacturer: Singulus Technologies AG
                      • Capacity: approx. 14 Master / Stamper in 24 h
                      • Weight: 2.300 kg

                      blu ray mastering line singulus technologies ag crystalline used machine singulus blu-ray mastering system for production of blu-ray masters / stampers. fully automated in-line mastering including laser beam reco...

                      No price

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