• 2005 Strautmann VS 12 TD

    • Manufacturer: Strautmann

      id: boeg206458.2 roller - spreader with hydr. streuwerkschutz.hydr. scratch floor.transport floor with 4 chains 13 mm diameter.970 mm side walls with edge protection.protection grille on front wall.gelenkwelle wi...

      Börm, Germany
    • 2008 5m Rahmen mit Vogelsang Gülleverteiler

      • Manufacturer: Vogelsang

        stable frame, hydraulically foldable, with manure spreader vogelsang

        Gera, Germany
      • 2017 BCW 300/300-SUPER150D

        • Manufacturer: BCW

          the bcw combi pump is a combination of manure pump, water and dredger. the machine is fitted with a modified doda pump that is very suitable for dredging sprayers, including the formation of the pumping chamber ...

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          Kockengen, Netherlands
        • 2017 Tebbe spreader Universal spreader

          • Manufacturer: Tebbe

            for years, tebbe universal spreaders have been regarded as the most advanced and stable machines on the european market the ever-increasing demand for precise spreading with machines which guarantee a trouble-fre...

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            Unterstammheim, Switzerland
          • 2014 Evers NORIKER 510

            • Manufacturer: Evers

              evers noriker 510, - working width 5, 10 mtr., - 17 large feeder tines, - tube roll 450 mm, - manure feeding at the tines, - bird sang exa cut distributor ecl 20-50, - feeding hose to the exa cut distributor, - s...

              Cloppenburg, Germany
            • Westermann KotschieberCM2E Simply demolish

              • Manufacturer: Westermann

                machine with factory warranty honda petrol engine 11hp, electric starter, 2 additional weights (possible), slide width: 90cm weight: 255kg + driver list price fr.5950 .--)

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                Süderen, Switzerland
              • Inconnu Structure ACIER

                • Manufacturer: Inconnu

                  ** turnkey construction project **  new construction or existing stable modification.  structure, interior finishing, sale and installation of the required equipment (manure management, feeding, watering, etc.)

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                  Québec, Canada
                • 2016 Zaagselbak / boxenstrooier Knikmops / AllCat

                  • Manufacturer: Zaagselbak / boxenstrooier

                    the sawdust has been specially developed to spread sawdust in the lockers. the bin can be mounted on both the knikmops 90 and the knikmops 130. at the sawmill bowl, the saw blade comes out of the side through a...

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                    Hedel, Netherlands
                  • 2008 Zunhammer STS 18 KL

                    • Manufacturer: Zunhammer

                      tires (v): 750 / 60r30.5 condition-tire (v): 70 tires (h): 750 / 60r30.5 condition-tire (h): 30 bomech linkage air suspension forced steering bottom bracket k80 wittrock control (see picture / toggle switch = sta...

                      Rhede, Germany
                    • 2016 Pichon TCI 14200

                      • Manufacturer: Pichon

                        description tci 7150-18500 hygiene suspension tank cylinder tandem axle pichon tci slurry tank trailer series ranging from 7150 to 18500 liters capacity the french pichon is one of europe's largest skipper manuf...