• Cross table is stable and precise

    $556 - Thiene, Italy

      i sell a new stable and precise cross-table for coordinate bores on radial, column and bench drills. cast iron structure, t-groove, coolant drainage ducts, and swallowtail guide.

    • 2017 BCW 300/300-SUPER150D

      No price - Kockengen, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: BCW

      the bcw combi pump is a combination of manure pump, water and dredging sprayer. the machine is fitted with a modified doda pump that is very suitable for dredging sprayers, including the formation...

    • 2017 Heuvelmans 6VWH6025

      $13,191 - Berkel-Enschot, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: VAT

      heuvelmans livestock type 6vwh6025 available from stock afm. behind 6.00x2.45 m 6 tons of load capacity single-axle hydraulic braking by means of a knee-knife, the car sits on the ground traa...

    • Onbekend Paardenboxen

      No price - Moergestel, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Onbekend

      horses boxes 4 pieces 4 meters long 2.20 m high 4 front walls with black plastic shelves and sliding doors 2 left and 2 right

    • Corton paardenboxen 10 stuks

      No price - Moergestel, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Corton

      corton front wall 10 pcs very good front walls brand corton 3 meters long 2.20 meters high hardwood planks sliding door very nice and beautiful corton front wall also check out all my ads f...

    • paardenboxen 4 stuks

      No price - Moergestel, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: paardenboxen

      horse boxes beautiful horse boxes 3 meters long 2.20 meters high 2 front doors with a door in the door 2 front walls without hatch in the door a total of 4 front walls strong boxing under p...

    • 2007 New Holland NH-BR-560

      $20,207 - Siddeburen, Netherlands Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: New Holland

      neat new holland br 560 press wrap combination for round bales with net binding and foil wrapping. year of construction 2007 tandemas tires 19.0 / 45-17. baalkantelaar.

    • Geen merk Landhekken

      No price - Oosterhout, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Geen merk

      landhekken different sizes 1x 3.50 meters long, 1.02 meters high 1x 5 meters long, 1.04 meters high 2x 3.50 meters long, 1.11 meters high location: bayens mechanization, innovation park 46, 49...

    • 2011 Corton paardenboxen

      No price - Moergestel, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Corton

      hello here nice corton horse boxes 4x front wall revolving door 3 meter wide 2,20 meter high corton 2x partition half open 3 meter wide 2.20 meter high corton 3x partition all the way 3 meter wi...

    • paardenbox 3 meter lang en 2.20 meter hoog

      No price - Moergestel, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Lang

      herewith 3 front walls 3 meters long 2.20 meters high very solid boxes with sliding doors hardwood planks no rust!! for more information call also, we have included stables in stock look at ...