• 2013 Hochdorfer RW40 Stirrer

    $4,541 - Buochs, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Hochdorfer

    transmission revised, el. motor 5.5ps new in 2013 with stirrup new 2013 with tin roof agitator detachable with 3-point holder

  • Stainless steel tank with stirrer 650liter

    $1,723 - Hobro, Denmark

      stainless steel tank of 650 liters with agitator. ø: 110cm. depth: 70cm. isolated. january

    • 2016 FTS 7,5 KW Stirrer

      $10,597 - Doppleschwand, Switzerland
      • Manufacturer: FTS

      7,5 kw streisal mixer 3m with motor protection switch and monitoring

    • 6500l Insulated tank, with agitator.

      $3,590 - Hobro, Denmark

        insulated tank of 6500 liters, with stirrer. ø dimensions: 216cm. interior height: 180cm. external height: 240cm. bottom drain: 6 ". insulation: 30mm. 2 stk in stock. price is pr. pcs.

      • Fankhauser No. 4 Shovel stirrer

        $5,954 - Gisikon, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Fankhauser

        fankhauser blade agitator no. 4, with electric motor 5,5kw 7,5ps, incl. agitator blade, without motor protection switch. stirrer was freshly revised can also be mounted by us. just ask us

      • Lightnin clamp on stirrer

        No price - Chester-le-Street, United Kingdom
        • Manufacturer: Lightnin

        lightnin clamp on stirrer type nc 2, motor 1450 rpm. 13mm dia stainless steel shaft x 800 mm long, 3 blade propeller 4 dia.

      • Rotatron mobile stirrer

        No price - Chester-le-Street, United Kingdom

          rotatron vortex mixer. this is a mobile unit with raise and tilt features to position inside a vessel. with the workhead immersed in the liquid, powder could be added via a dip pipe to ensure that ...

        • Hochdorfer Flygt 4660 10 kw Stirrer

          $12,615 - Altishofen, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: Flygt

          complete with motor protection switch and cable, very little used

        • Grant Bio PMR 30 28899

          $1,233 - Burladingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Grant Bio

          grant bio platform shaker/rocker pmr 30. tilt angle 7°. speed range 5-30 rpm. shaking platform 21x21 cm. max. load 1 kg. in a good condition.

        • 2016 Patolla S-75.4 28363

          $2,728 - Burladingen, Germany
          • Manufacturer: Patolla

          patolla container agitator s-75.4. with ex-option. switch set ex. ex cee plug. power 0.75kw, 1500rpm-1. viscosity max. 600mpa s. height about 30cm above container. new and in original packaging.