• 2005 A1 Steel Sheds Exhibition Hall Building

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: A1 Steel Sheds

    steel building a1 steel sheds exhibition hall used machine up to date and well-maintained automotive showroom, up for deconstruction beginning 2017. approximate dimensions: width of the hall::::: 4...

  • 1986 A1 PREFAB SHEDS Portal framed steel shed Clear span building

    No price - Hesse, Germany
    • Manufacturer: A1 PREFAB SHEDS

    clear span steel building a1 prefab sheds portal framed steel shed used machine to remove certain production hall with the footprint of around 1960 m2. structural: hot-dip galvanized, screwed free-...

  • 1995 A1 Steel Sheds Auto Canopy, building Carport, Car Shelter

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: A1 Steel Sheds

    carport, car shelter a1 steel sheds auto canopy, steel building used machine hot-dip galvanized carport with a covered area of approximately 7600 m², to be dismantled starting october 2016. the str...

  • 2006 A1 STEEL SHEDS Portal framed building Clear span hall

    No price - Berlin, Germany
    • Manufacturer: A1 STEEL SHEDS

    clear span steel hall a1 steel sheds portal framed steel building used machine disassembled and stored film studio hall with the footprint of about 720 square metres. dimensions: width: approx. 24....

  • 1990 A1 STEEL SHEDS Factory hall Portal framed building

    No price - Lower Saxony, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Edge

    portal framed steel building a1 steel sheds factory hall used machine pre engineered, steel hall made of hot rolled and hot-dip galvanized steel profiles. the clear span steel building is equipped ...

  • 1978 ASTRON STEEL SHEDS Production Hall Propped Building

    No price - Köln, Germany
    • Manufacturer: ASTRON STEEL SHEDS

    propped steel building astron steel sheds production hall used machine astron steel hall covering approx. 1890 m2 [30m * 63m * 4.8 m]. the steel skeleton of this hall from 1978 is suitable for futu...

  • 1995 A1 PREFAB STEEL HALLS Portal Framed Shed Prefabricated Building

    No price - Essen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: A1 PREFAB STEEL HALLS

    prefabricated steel building a1 prefab steel halls portal framed steel shed used machine workshop and warehouse, to be dismantled beginning of 2017. hall length: approx. 92.3 meters; width of the h...

  • 1983 ARMCO-EUROTEC STEEL SHEDS Warehouse for freight forwarder Structural work of Propped Building

    No price - Germany

    structural steel work of propped steel building armco-eurotec steel sheds warehouse for freight forwarder used machine possible future use: logistics warehouse, machine shop, workshop and much more...

  • 2013 Manitou 120 AETJ 3D Articulated arm work platform

    $41,282 - A. Leiser AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Manitou
    • Model: 120 AETJ 3D

    360 degree rotating articulated arm work platform, with swiveling 3d basket, load capacity 200kg, working height: 11.95m, lateral range: 7.0m, working basket: 120 x 92 cm, non-marking tires, electr...

  • 2016 Manitou 100 VJR Vertical work platform

    $29,389 - A. Leiser AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Manitou
    • Model: 100 VJR

    working height: 7.90m, load capacity: 200kg, basket size: 90 x 68 x 110cm, working platform width: 0.99m, with 230 v socket in the working basket, 360 ° swivel base, battery charging connection 230 v