• 2015 Lérin DP2DM20AB Straw spreader

    • Manufacturer: Lérin

      -start operation condition info: very good condition

      Saint-Martin-de-Fraigneau, France
    • 2010 Emily DELTA Straw spreader

      • Manufacturer: Emily

        loading arm, jcb q-fit hitch first-hand: yes | condition info: good condition

        Conches-en-Ouche, France
      • 2006 Calvet DRH Straw spreader

        • Manufacturer: Calvet

          drh ball drilling machine -: loading arm -: 3-side drilling

          Saint-Germain-du-Bois, France
        • 2016 Lérin TWIN-PIC Straw spreader

          • Manufacturer: Lérin

            power: 0 type attachment: mailleux condition info: very good condition

            No price
            Le Horps, France
          • 2010 Silofarmer BMV DB20 Straw spreader

            • Manufacturer: Silofarmer

              silofarmer pailing machine silofarmer harness 3 point ar tractor control teleflexible 1 of necessary hydraulic turret magnets with hydraulic unit hydraulic telescopic loader hydraulic telescopic diameter diameter...

              Antigny, France
            • 2016 Silofarmer BMV db18 Straw spreader

              • Manufacturer: Silofarmer

                loading arm condition info: very good condition

                Ygrande, France
              • 2010 Lérin DPRH20AB Straw spreader

                • Manufacturer: Lérin

                  straw shredder straw shredder for balls height 2m max. lever-operated distributor arm hydraulic extension kit mulching carpet backing

                  Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, France
                • 2015 Suire A SAISIR DEROULEUSE PIVOTANTE Straw spreader

                  • Manufacturer: Suire

                    "hand-operated right-hand and left-hand rotary unloader, round loading arm telescopic manual 2-function electric control in cabin automatic coupling and hydraulic controls

                    Saint-Symphorien, France
                  • 2008 Calvet DRHDP Straw spreader

                    • Manufacturer: Calvet

                      hydraulic exhaust loading arm, rotation right / left / rear, hydraulic depth 50 cm, hydraulic straw comb, electric control

                      No price
                      Virecourt, France
                    • 2015 Euragri 120-180 Straw spreader

                      • Manufacturer: Euragri

                        3-point spreader. hydraulic loading arm. hydraulic drive of the conveyor belt. adjustment bar for regulating product flow and holding the boot. manual swivel for right, left and rear distribution of the machine. ...

                        Tincques, France