• 142" (3.60M) TRIM FOURDRINIER PRINTING & WRITING, 50-220 GSM 1998.

        142" (3.65m) trim paper machine, 50-220 gsm. printing & writing paper, design speed: 700m/min. drive: right hand from headbox, new in 1988. completely rebuilt in 2006 during relocation to new location. main com...

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        Chalfont, PA, USA
      • 1998 BOEHL Meister S 1000 VA

        • Manufacturer: BOEHL

          cc0dqliwstretch foil machine for single beams type meister s-1000, boehl. year 1998 dimensions: width: 50mm – 930 mm, hight: 20mm – 720 mm. shortest length: 750 mm. complete with electrical cabinet, operators pan...

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          Baden-Württemberg, Germany
        • 1996 Cobra 3 inkl. freidrehenden Wickelarm bis 35 Stueck Paletten pro Stunde

          • Manufacturer: Cobra

            pallet stretch-wrapper foil winding machine - cobra 3 incl. free rotating wrapping arm the state is used, but nevertheless well maintained see pictures. it worked perfectly until the expansion. built in 1996 of p...

            Upper Austria, Austria
          • 1996 Haloila OCTOPUS JUNIOR V1.4 Haloila pallet wrapper with retention

            • Manufacturer: Haloila

              pallate stretch-wrapper with hold-down device manufacturer: oy m.haloila from (finland) type: octopus junior v1. 4 output up to 40 pallets per hour year of construction: 1996 until 12/2014 in operation foil speci...

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              Velbert, Germany
            • 1992 Haloila Octopus 1600 BF Satelite

              • Manufacturer: Haloila

                haloila octopus 1600 bf satelite used machine fully automatic stretch ring wrapper of haloila octopus 1600 bf satélite, without conveying systems built in 1992 no. 5541 control: siemens s 5 octopus series bf = wi...

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                Velbert, Germany
              • 2004 Normpack / STRETCHMATIC RFP-S35-A4T-1500-02

                • Manufacturer: Normpack / STRETCHMATIC

                  automatic pallet wrapping machine used with cut out turntable and extend the range with hand pallet truck, foil winding machine – -: price from site: €2.950.-(net), dismantled and loaded! manufacturer: standard p...

                  Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                • 2012 Reo Pack S 3000-TOP-ISS

                  • Manufacturer: Reo Pack

                    almost new complete stretch foil winding machine; incl. plc, operators panel, steel construction, safety fences vi890qtwo

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                    Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                  • ZOCCHI 3-layer foil blowing plants

                    • Manufacturer: ZOCCHI

                      3-layer foil blowing plants zocchi used machine 3-layer blown film line for production of stretch film (lldpe, ldpe, silage film, agrifilm) extruders 70mm + 100mm + 70mm die 750 mm ibc output up to 600 kg/h maqui...

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                    • K&K RECYKLING SYSTEM PAWEŁ KUTA s-30evolution dynamic washer

                          the device is powered by a 30 kw engine which results in a performance of up to 700 kg/h for foil flake or 1000-1200 kg/h for milling. machine is designed for cleaning and drying shredded plastics such as * used ...

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                        • 1984 MAF Straffpacker SBP 4-75

                          • Manufacturer: MAF

                            we offer: folienstretch - and -packing machine maf type tight packer sbp 4-75 the plant originates from the assets of the paver in a wallpaper for vinylstruckturtapeten or flachvenyltapeten. it is part of a compl...