• Kärcher KM 90/60 R Bp Pack Adv Suction Sweeper

    • Manufacturer: Kärcher

      suction sweeper kärcher km 90/60 r bp pack adv new machine in addition to high performance, easy handling, comfort and maneuverability, the km is 90/60 r adv through many details, as well as the patented and full...

      Hattersheim am Main, Germany
    • 1998 Suction filter plant

      • Manufacturer: Hocker Polytechnik

        abs system fabr. stool polytechnik bj. 1998 with 60,000 m³/h fan 1 x 75 kw warm air confusion chain host zerladschlusse electric ruetlung air mthxd

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        Lower Saxony, Germany
      • SE Carbon Extraction + Filter Various

        • Manufacturer: SE Carbon Extraction + Filter

          type 16.2.5.a.s.da/dr/sd 16 = 16.800 m³/h 2 = high pressure: 8600 pa 5 = dust bucket a = automatic version s.da = differential pressure indication for filter monitoring dr = pressure reduction with gauge sd = si...

          No price
          Deinze, Belgium
        • 1998 Suction filter plant

          • Manufacturer: Venti-Olde

            abs system fabr venti olde bj. ca 1998 with 14,000 m³/h with electric ruetlung fan 22 kw with pipes l/w/h 3 x 2.2 x 5 m without separation load lock (two vessels) 2mhqsiafa

            No price
            North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
          • MHG SMG 45 Compact abrasive plants

            • Manufacturer: SMG
            • Weight: 400 kg

            well-maintained sandblasting cabin, equipped with cyclone separator and separate dust filter complete electrical and pneumatic equipment with maintenance unit as well as foot switch, filter system in standing ver...

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            Wiesbaden, Germany
          • Powder Silo Plant with Powder Filling for 25 kg Bags and Big Bag #F 1601 020

            • Manufacturer: Not Available

              the complete plant consists of the following components: niro atomizer mixing and sagging plant ​two conical mixers, 3.500 l mixing screw for support inspection hatch outlet with pneumatic flat plate for ...

              No price
            • 1990 Handte ASS 67.3.1

              • Manufacturer: Handte

                handte filter system with rotary valve for bigbagabfuellung or disposal fan msxn2 201 m² filter surface bag filter construction air power max.22.000m³/h differential pressure 120-140pa system is for raw and pure ...

              • 2000 Schuko S/N 30/26

                • Manufacturer: Schuko

                  vacomat fabr. schuko type s / n 20/36 bj. 2000 motor 7,5 kw filter surface area 36 m² volumne 6000 m³/h k89dlfsv

                  No price
                  Lower Saxony, Germany
                • 2011 WIWOX CI DP 08 Pressure blasting Cabinet

                  • Manufacturer: WIWOX

                    pressure blasting cabinet wiwox ci dp 08 used machine beam space: 784 x 745 x 800 mm (w x d x h) door dimensions: 610 x 630 mm (w x h) bela de weight: 350 kg suction capacity: 600 m3 / h operating pressure: 6 bar...

                    No price
                  • 2011 Aagaard APFO2HLK

                    • Manufacturer: Aagaard

                      extraction system, fit system for swarf u styrofoam filterflaesche 50 m/2 7mmq0d8ny l x w x h 2200 x 1100 x 5000 1 fans avd 7.5 5.5 kw with sound enclosure b. 2015 1 fan vfm-p 4,0 kw with sound enclosure establis...

                      Saxony, Germany