• 1998 Teka TK-ZPF 4000 Central Suction and Filter Unit

    • Manufacturer: Teka

      central suction and filter unit teka tk-zpf 4000 used machine volumeflow: 4000m?/h, drive power: 5.5kw. more information

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    • Buffalo Filter Pswturbo 220v System Smoke Evacuator

      • Manufacturer: Buffalo

        id# 709 buffalo (220v) international system whisper turbo pswturbo smoke evacuator (auto-sense) condition: demo systems/factory certified warranty: 1 year oem warranty includes: virosafe filter, tubing, pneumatic...

        Dallas, TX, USA
      • 1996 Kemper suction unit

        • Manufacturer: Kemper

          welding gas extraction kemper model 85100 7czcyvhkf year 1996 1 x suction nozzle d = 150mm air capacity: 1200 m/hr at 3000pa; motor 1,1 kw 400v incl. org kemper cabinet wall bracket, filter control

          Bavaria, Germany
        • 150 Model Hydro Excavation

              the 150 model hydro vacuum is useful for: potholing vacuum excavation providing safe easy access to underground utilities cleaning and resetting valve and meter boxes exercising utility valves. benefits of ground...

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              Wilmington, DE
            • 250 Model Hydro Incline-Vacuum

                  features and benefits of the 250 model hydro incline-vacuum: easy site access: the compact size allows access with ease to almost any work area maintains suction: self-cleaning filters ensure that the unit won’...

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                  Wilmington, DE
                • 2011 Dedusting unit

                  • Manufacturer: GEA

                    volumetric flow rate 13,760 m³/h, filter area 133 m², specific load 1.7 m/min., clean gas dust content = 10 mg per nm³, total weight 2,800 kg, radial fan, verra, mxe 050-022430-00, power 21.5 kw, volumetric flow ...

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                    North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
                  • 1995 Pick-Up disposal unit

                    • Manufacturer: ROM

                      mobile pick-up disposal unit with forklift pockets holding tank: 1445 l fresh water tank: 725 l vacuum power: 0.5 pressure capacity: 0.5 empty weight: 900 kg length: 2000 mm width: 1200 mm engine power: 9 hp vrusj3

                      Brandenburg, Germany
                    • Cecor TAX1550100100 Sump Sucker/Coolant Dispenser, 100 Gals./100 Gals., 70 GPM #39343

                      • Manufacturer: Cecor

                        comparable to current model cecor sump shark ca5-100/100 combination sump sucker and coolant dispenser unit consists of two separate compartments - each with pump-in/pump-out capability. remove and filter dirty c...

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                        Lincolnshire, IL, USA
                      • 2014 Buffalo Filter Porta PlumeSafe 604 Smoke Evacuator

                        • Manufacturer: Buffalo

                          id# 1688 buffalo porta plumesafe 604 smoke evacuator condition: new, excellent warranty: 1 year notes: as (auto sense) rfid system, includes: virosafe 18 hour filter, 2 pieces non-sterile 7/8” x 6’ tubing, and ...

                          Dallas, TX, USA
                        • 2014 Alko Power Unit 100

                          • Manufacturer: Alko

                            motor voltage 400 v (50 hz) engine power 1.8 hp (1.5 kw) weight 116 kg suction connection 100 mm max flow 790 m³/h filter area 135 litres lxwxh 1300 x 600 x 2000 mm mobile i3dtjwz man. the vibration residual dust...

                            Baden-Württemberg, Germany