• Danioni turbo mill

    • Manufacturer: Danioni

      output up to 500 kg/h consisting of: sugar mill with drive 11 kw, 400 v, 2.300 rpm kettle silo, capacity about 1.000 l, with breaking up agitator with drive 3 kw, 400 v, 1.430 rpm, with frame 1.600 x 1.400 mm...

      No price
      Willich, Germany
    • Perkin Elmer 343

      • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

        perkin elmer 343 features/specifications automatic precision polarimeter for... features/specifications automatic precision polarimeter for measurements at the 589 nm (nad) spectral line optical null system with ...

        $9,895 (USD)
        United States
      • Buhler Hopper 166 Cubic Ft Hopper #13356

        • Manufacturer: Bühler

          all stainless steel sanitary 166 cu. ft. hopper by buhler inc. (minn. mn.) type aucg-40337. featuring top mounted bin vent dust collector with 40 square foot filter area, rated for 250 acfm gas flow, 6. 25 to 1 a...

          No price
          Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
        • 2017 VANTIX-SEJONG C30JC 9126

          • Manufacturer: VANTIX-SEJONG

            equipment: interchangeable drum with trolley control panel full ball electric heat exchanger dust collector 1 spray gun (schlick gun 970) blower group with filtration (pre-medium-hepa filter) extraction group wit...

            No price
            Thieux, France
          • 2017 VANTIX-SEJONG C100 9127

            • Manufacturer: VANTIX-SEJONG

              equipment: interchangeable drum with trolley control panel full or perforated ball with mixing blades with scraper 4 spray spray guns (schlick gun 930) blower unit with filtration with exchanger steam heating ext...

              No price
              Thieux, France
            • VOMATEC Jet cooker cooking line

              • Manufacturer: JET Tools

                output between 1000 and 2400 kg/hr, depending on the recipe consisting of: - 1x bigbag sagging plant with spiral conveyor for transporting the sugar into the mixing tanks, year 2000, stainless steel - 2 x mixing...

                No price
                Willich, Germany
              • Complete PET Filling line for mineral water (still and carbonated) and Softdrinks

                • Manufacturer: STILL

                  capacity: 6,000 x 1, 5 l bottles / std. bottle sizes: 1,5ltr. / 1,0ltr. / 0,5ltr. pet -bottles plastic screw cap 28mm labelling: around the bottle paper-lable by hot glue packaging: 3 x 2 = 6 x 1,0 l shrinked int...

                  No price
                  Burgwald, Germany
                • Used 118 m2 Choquenet Chamber Filterpress. Used For Mud Filtration in Sugar Industry #ZS62098

                      used choquenet chamber filterpress, filtration area 118m2, equiped with 70 polypropylene chamber plates, thickness 40mm, volume 2107 liters. hydraulic clouser. used for mud filtration in sugar industry.

                      No price
                    • SYRUP FILTER SCHENK #AG60900-6

                      • Manufacturer: Schenk

                        refurbished syrup vertical filters schenk type zhf – 50. filtration surface 53 m2. working volume 1 m3. max pressure 6bar. drive 45 kw / 1500 rpm. size: width 3000mm x height 6680mm / mass (empty) 5350 kg.

                        No price
                      • 2006 Alfa Laval, Westfalia Thermoquarg prod. w. fruit, Type Fruchtzwerge

                        • Manufacturer: Alfa-Laval

                          thermoquarg prod. w. fruit, type fruchtzwerge alfa laval, westfalia used machine a 3 115 1 complete quark production plant to produce white soft cheese as type “fruchtzwerge” in production until to 2015 we have t...

                          $403,561 (USD)
                          Karlsruhe, Germany

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