• sugar pulling machine for candies

    No price - Willich, Germany

      for laboratory trials, works batchwise, available from 4 - 5 kg up to 50 kg, two driven arms rotating independently around a single fixed arm, with one speed, pulling time can be set by a timer, w...

    • BOSCH BZK 152 konti sugar pulling machine

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Bosch

      capacity 500 up to 1200 kg/hr (depending on the recipe) for pulling (aerating) of sugar masses with continuous feeding from upside by a hopper mixing time approx. 15 sec power: 30kw, 380v, 50 hz d...

    • RUFFINATTI TP 30 sugar pulling machine

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: RUFFINATTI

      for aerating sugar masses horizontally working with safety cover starting form 15 kg batches up to 60 kg built in 1974

    • Laboratory Candy pulling machine

      No price - Waldkappel, Germany

        laboratory candy pulling machine application sugar pulling, available 1 kg, 2kg & 5 kg up to 50 kg, the size of the engine is dependent on the size of the machine the action of the machine is deriv...

      • Ruffinatti TZ 40

        No price - Lebanon
        • Manufacturer: Ruffinatti

        sugar pulling machine type tz 40 capacity boiled batches up to 40 kg per batch , pulling time 10 to 15 second per mass