• Tuttnauer 3870EA Autoclave

    $7,795 - United States Recently Added

      tuttnauer 3870ea autoclave tuttnauer 3870ea autoclave tuttnauer's largest automatic table top autoclave features a closed door active drying system. perfect for multi-doctor practices, clinics or s...

    • Tuttnauer Manual Kwiklave Autoclave

      $3,399 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: Tuttnauer

      the tuttnauer 2540mk manual kwiklave autoclave offers all of the dependable features of the tuttnauer m series manual autoclaves, with the added benefit of reducing the total heat up time. this aut...

    • Nidek OPD Scan II ARK 10000

      No price - Tampa, FL
      • Manufacturer: Nidek

      the opd scan ii is the only instrument that easily combines wavefront, topography and refraction all into one unit that sits on a table top! this allows the isolation of any optical problem to corn...

    • Oculus Pentacam HR

      No price - Tampa, FL
      • Manufacturer: Oculus

      the new hr pentacam has an improved optic design and a high resolution 1.45 mega pixel camera. primary advantages are: crisper and sharper scheimpflug pictures allowing excellent iol and phakic iol...

    • HUMPHREY INSTRUMENTS Automatic Refractor

      $1,534 - Landshut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: HUMPHREY INSTRUMENTS

      automatic refractor visual acuity test projector, nd.

    • UNKNOWN Laparoscope Instruments

      $708 - Landshut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: UNKNOWN

      from storz, wolf, wisap, xion, etc., all in vg.cond. 2,5kg

    • ZIMMER GRAPHIC Case for Tibia line Extension

      $836 - Landshut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Case IH

      sirus-instruments, almost complete, nd.

    • UNKNOWN Titan Hip Implants

      $861 - Landshut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Titan

      hip joints, titan, new, 6kg

    • SYNTHES Large Implants

      $836 - Landshut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: SYNTHES

      diverse large implants, new, approx. 13kg


      $836 - Landshut, Germany
      • Manufacturer: SULZER MEDICA

      ref 03.087216, complete, nd.