• 1999 Inova Syringe Filler, Model H3-10

    • Manufacturer: Inova Pharma Systems

      used inova nested syringe filler, model h3-10, designed to fill nested syringes, rated up to 16600 syringes/hour capacity, with (10) head filling station, .2 - 1 ml with +/- 1% accuracy, 1 - 29 ml with +/- 0.5% a...

      No price
      Cleveland, OH, USA
    • Used BOSCH MRD Syringe Filling system. Consists of: Bosch GIT 2020 empty syringe feeder, Bosch RRN 2020 washer, Westina-Sauter PH6.69-HS2-FD Autoclave, Bosch MRD 3020 Filler, Brevetti AMT15 Optical inspection control

      • Manufacturer: Bosch

        70253009 used bosch mrd syringe filling system. consists of: bosch git 2020 empty syringe feeder, bosch rrn 2020 washer, westina-sauter ph6.69-hs2-fd autoclave, bosch mrd 3020 filler, brevetti amt15 optical inspe...

        No price
        Bensenville, IL, USA
      • Used- Shields Monoblock Insulin Epipen Filler & Rubber Stopper Machine

        • Manufacturer: Shields

          41177197 used- shields monoblock insulin epipen filler & rubber stopper machine. last doing 1 ml and 5 ml syringes with 0.4" plugs. 0.15" filling pipette nozzle, plugger set up on a 0.85" pitch. has walking beam ...

          No price
          Bensenville, IL, USA
        • Filler, Syringe, Groninger, FSE-3000, S/st, 10ml Capacity

          • Manufacturer: Capacity

            groninger model fse-3000 syringe filler for prefilled disposable syringes. unit has filling capacity of. 5 to 10 ml working range with. 011 to 13 ml dosing range and speed capacity of up to 60 units per minute...

            No price
            San Dimas, CA, USA
          • Hardi NK 880 1200 HYB see the syringe

            • Manufacturer: HARDI
            • Width: 1200 cm

            hydraulic boom of 12 m. filler chemical filling device. triplet-nozzle holders. hardi-vaahtomerkkari. tested in 2013. the syringe in good condition for immediate delivery

            $5,128 (USD)
            Lahti, Finland
          • 2011 Sami 1000/16H

            • Manufacturer: Sami
            • Width: 52.5 feet

            country: finland | attachments: this was a tidy, low-running 16-meter syringe. hydraulic boom, electronic control, filler! | tank volume: 1000 l | working width: 52.5 feet | drive configuration: mounted

            $8,782 (USD)
          • Schubert FD6000 Monoblock R136127 Paxall Cozzoli Vial Ampule Syringe Filling Sys

            • Manufacturer: Cozzoli

              this paxall schubert cozzoli monoblock vial ampu filler fd6000 system w/ pack off accumulation table looks to be in fair cosmetic condi ...

              $25,000 (USD)
              Gilroy, CA, USA
            • 2007 Bargam 4200 Compact

              • Manufacturer: Bargam
              • Width: 78.7 feet

              country: denmark | tire size: 340/85 r 48 | tyre brand: taurus | attachments: - 4200 liter tank in polyethylene - water tank and hand wash tank - rotary tank cleaner and hose reel for extra wash - ar250 ltr./min...

              $21,269 (USD)
            • Hardi Master HYB 1000 5/15

              • Manufacturer: HARDI
              • Width: 15 cm

              hardin syringe with five segment and fifteen meters pumistolla. two sets of nozzles, filler, foam and 650l forward tank. the syringe revised 2013

              $5,514 (USD)
              Vantaa, Finland
            • 2008 Hardi RANGER 2500 6.18 VPZ

              • Manufacturer: HARDI

                fine effective ranger syringe. triplet nozzles, hardi filler. on either side of the folding and mechanical drawbar. high ground clearance but the low center of gravity.

                $29,857 (USD)

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