• MyData TP9-2 Component Placement System / AUTOMATION VISION

    • Manufacturer: MyData

      mydata tp9-2 component placement systemunit in great shape. sold as-is... i have no idea how to test.we will build a custom pallet for thi ...

      Hubbardston, MA, USA
    • AGILENT 8702D Lightwave Component Analyzer

      • Manufacturer: Agilent
      • Model: 8702D

        the hp 8702d 300 khz to 3 ghz (850 nm) 300 khz to 6 ghz (1300, 1550 nm) lightwave component analyzer precisely characterizes the swept modulation frequency response of wide bandwidth fiber optic system elements s...

        Hamilton Township, NJ, USA

            102" (2.60m) trim fourd paper machine, gl & v celleco twister bank of cleaners (2006). manchester air pad headbox, 114" pond, (19) duff norton manual slice actuators, stainless steel, cantilevered fourdrinier, 11...

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            Chalfont, PA, USA
          • 3i Systems Viper si2T

            • Manufacturer: Viper

              make: 3i systems model: viper si2t serial: available for serious inquiries only date of mfg: 08/2007 laser type solid state nd: yv04 wavelength: 354.7 nm power at vat 100 mw available build layer capacity: minimu...

              Watertown, CT, USA
            • 3i Systems SLA 3500

              • Manufacturer: 3i Systems

                make: 3i systems model: sla 3500 laser type: solid state frequency wavelength: 354.7 nm power at vat at 5000 hours: 160 nm process: zephyr recoater aces build style: 0.1 mm quick cast build style: 0.1 mm tooling ...

                Watertown, CT, USA
              • Aqua Tech Cell Systems #111055

                    600 tpy (73 kg/hr) membrane cell electrolysis system to produce hypo phosphorous acid, 50% concentration. the membrane cell electrolysis system is designed for manufacturing h3p02 - hypo acid). water, electricity...

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                    West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                  • AGILENT 8703A 20 GHz Lightwave Component Analyzer

                    • Manufacturer: Agilent
                    • Model: 8703A

                      the agilent 8703a lightwave component analyzer is a manufacturing test solution for diverse optical and electro-optical components, assemblies and devices as lasers and leds, photodiodes, fiber cables, connectors...

                      Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
                    • Vara Recovery Systems ; Vapor #107979

                      • Manufacturer: Vara International

                        2,500 cfm vapor recovery system. manufactured by vara international, protect #pc10089, equip #1101. major components include: (2) 2400 gallon vertical 316ss tanks, welded dished top, flat bottom. openings: top 1-...

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                        West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                      • ASTeX S-1000i (1KW) Microwave Power Supply, Magnetron, and Waveguide components

                        • Manufacturer: Astex
                        • Power: 208 V     1 Phase

                        rack-mounted s1000i power supply, magnetron head, cable and waveguide components. this is an older vintage power supply which is only recommended to customers who are already supporting related astex microwave go...

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                        Leominster, MA, USA
                      • Agilent 1100 LC System with Quaternary Pump & DAD

                        • Manufacturer: Agilent

                          includes: 1100 solvent tray 1100 degasser 1100 quaternary pump 1100 autosampler 1100 dad with std. flow cell printer not included) manuals one (1) year in-house repair warranty options 1100 thermostatted autosamp...

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                          Arcade, NY, USA