• 3.3 KIP MTS Servo Hydraulic Vibration Test System 11755-00

        model number / serial number: 245.03/140 capacity (kip): 3.3 kip area: 1.1 in stroke area (dynamic): 1.0" (static): 1.75" one (1) 10 gpm servo valve: mts 252.24c-01

        No price
        Warren, MI, USA
      • 3.3 KIP MTS Model 840 Vibration Test System 11601-00

            model number / serial number: 248.02/302 capacity (kip): 3.3 kip area: 1.29 in stroke area (dynamic): 1.0" (static): 1.75" model number / serial number: 8274 / 341924 gpm: 4 psi: 3,000 volts: 230/460 hp: 10 one (...

            No price
            Warren, MI, USA
          • Texas Instruments Advantest T5571P Memory Test System TIDSB3306702A

            • Manufacturer: Advantest

              texas instruments advantest t5571p memory test system, 200v, 80a, 3ph, 50/60hz, mfg 1997, 4200 hours. serial no. da667100r. includes test head & cables.. note: by bidding in this auction and on this lot, buyer ac...

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              Dallas, TX, USA
            • Texas Instruments LTX Fusion HF IC Test System TIDSB3306790A

              • Manufacturer: IC

                texas instruments ltx fusion hf ic test system, 208v, 85a, 50/60hz, mfg 2000, with: test head with (32ea) 865-7393-05-af/ab cards; pts 310 0.1-310mhz frequency synthesizer p/n 874-9778-00; pts d310 0.1-310mhz dua...

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                Dallas, TX, USA
              • BioMicroLab Liquid Handling System XL20

                • Manufacturer: International

                  biomicrolab liquid handling system xl20 specifications: sort, scan, and weigh up to 240 2d bar coded tubes per hour automates the transfer of tubes ...

                  $8,995 (USD)
                  Frederick, MD, USA
                • Teledyne ISCO CombiFlash RF Purification System

                  • Manufacturer: Teledyne

                    channels: 2 channels. | division: lab equipment | flow rate: 5 to 200 ml/min | detector type: uv | number of solvents: 4 solvents. | detection wavelength: 200 to 360 nm

                    $8,495 (USD)
                    Frederick, MD, USA
                  • Maxi Cool Systems Lab Equipment #213010

                    • Manufacturer: Maxi Cool Systems

                      laboratory cooling unit. manufactured by maxi cool systems, small portable refrigeration unit for use in a lab setting. model rc100cl020, serial #15146 rated for -15 to 35 degrees c. reservoir has a 4 litre capac...

                      No price
                      West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
                    • Shimadzu 10Avp series Complete system

                      • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

                        7 pc, shimadzu hplc system. to include: 1 ea, sil-10advp auto injector; 2 ea, lc-10advp pumps; 1 ea, dgu-14a degasser; 1 ea, scl-10avp controller; 1 e ...

                        $7,995 (USD)
                        Exton, PA, USA

                            retina systems ready vision system model 341 r serial no.- 547 inspection task is measurement for debris & tie bar flash displays current part loaded into system displays current value for inspection view 1.........

                            $950 (USD)
                            Watertown, CT, USA
                          • Zenith Ultrasonic Cleaning System Production Ultrasonic Cleaning System L & R Ultrasonic Cleaning Production System Sonicwise Ultrasonic Production Cleaning System

                            • Manufacturer: Zenith

                              zenith ultrasonic cleaning system production ultrasonic cleaning system l & r ultrasonic cleaning production system sonicwise ultrasonic production cleaning system , with stainless steel chamber, 15 inches wide ...

                              No price
                              Manasquan, NJ, USA

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