$1,450 - Broomfield, CO
    • Manufacturer: EMC-PARTNER
  • 3M 701

    $700 - Broomfield, CO
    • Manufacturer: 3M


  • Haefely ONYX-30

    $10,950 - Broomfield, CO Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Haefely

    pn:emc-2499982 w/ r/c mod. 150pf/330ohm(iec 61000-4-2) pn:2490203


    $950 - Broomfield, CO
    • Manufacturer: EMC-PARTNER

    30 kv - 150pf/2000 ohm

  • Hioki 3145-20 PRO

    No price - Lake Mary, FL Recently Added

      hioki 3145-20 pro details hioki 3145-20 prodiscontinued noise hilogger with 9754 clamp electrical noise interference is a major cause of trouble with electronic device such as damage, malfun...

    • Haefely Technology ESD Verification Set

      No price - Lake Mary, FL Recently Added

        haefely technology esd verification set details haefely technology esd verification set

      • Keytek CM-BASE

        No price - Lake Mary, FL Recently Added

          keytek cm-base details keytek cm-baseplatform a customer configured immunity tester for compliance testing to: iec 1000-4-2 esd iec 1000-4-4 eft iec 1000-4-5 surge iec 1000-4-8 power frequency...

        • Keytek CM-ESD

          No price - Lake Mary, FL

            keytek cm-esd details keytek cm-esdelectrostatic discharge provides electrostatic discharge (esd) test capability to iec 1000-4-2 for the cemaster compliance-level immunity tester. k...

          • EM Test DITO

            No price - Lake Mary, FL

              em test dito details em test ditoesd simulator electrostatic discharges either from a human body to any other part or between two different objects can cause persistent disturbances or even d...

            • Associated Research 4048A

              No price - Lake Mary, FL

                associated research 4048a details associated research 4048a5kv ac/dc hipot test : hipots/special purpose power supply the model 4048a is a combination electro-static-discharge (esd) tester an...