No price - Des Plaines, IL
    • Manufacturer: INSTRON

    model 4201 instron 1kn static load cell instron control and printer 2 grips, 90 psig maximum compression cage tensile grippers

  • UQM HPM125 Q18D008

    $2,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: UQM

    the motor can be turned by hand.  without a controller, we are unable to do any other testing.

  • Greenlee Textron 555 Q44L005

    $5,419 - Leander, TX Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Greenlee Textron

    when power was applied, this item ran very smoothly.  we were able to bend several pieces of conduit easily with no problems.  the latches on the tool box are a little bent up.  no further testing ...

  • Baldor Electric 1216W Q43L009

    $1,124 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Baldor

    when power was applied, this item ran very smoothly.  we did not grind anything heavy duty, but we did use it to sharpen a knife.  both lights come on with a flip of a switch, and the grinder is po...

  • Gardner-Denver 1 N21L016

    $3,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Gardner

    this item was not fully tested, since we do not have the proper resources, though it was running when it was removed from a working facility.  we applied power and were able to toggle through the v...

  • Adept Technology 90400-11200 m12d001

    $1,499 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: LOT

    this robot setup was removed from a zygo automation systems electronics testing machine and not tested separately.  there was some problem with the cell, and it would not enable high power to allow...

  • Custom Scrap Metal Shavings Hydraulic Briquette Press Pucker 20Hp Conveyor Video

    $34,999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Custom Briquetter

    when power was applied this press ran very smoothly, though randomly after making a number of pucks it automatically stops.  the problem is a bad relay in the plc.  we bought another plc, (the exac...

  • PAC ATSM 358 O08L007

    $1,800 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: PAC

    we inserted the strapping into the top slot and then powered on the machine.  it pulled in the strapping into the lower camber and automatically stopped.  then the strapping was put down in the ass...

  • Lockformer Center-Feed Form Machine Rollformer 3ph 60Hz

    $999 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: Lockformer

    upon power up, this machine ran very smoothly.  we inserted sheet metal through through the center where it formed to the shape seen in the picture.  we are not sure of the type or name of the bend...

  • 24" 3-Ph PCB Circuit Board IC Component Stripper Remover Machine Depaneling

    $1,499 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: IC

    note:  currently set up for 208-230 volts.  there is one switch/button per motor. and one emergency switch that shuts the entire machine down.  the emergency switch does not have the outer plastics...