No price - Des Plaines, IL
    • Manufacturer: INSTRON

    manufactured stock number ro16813 model 4201 capacity ---------------------------------- 1125 lbf testing opening, less tooling ------------- approx. 48" distance between columns ------------------...

  • 1981 Hofler HFR-2000 Gear Tester, 74.8" Max Diameter, .79 DP, 15.7" Max Width, Pitranik PC4K01 Control

    No price - Statesville, NC
    • Manufacturer: Hofler

    hofler model hfr-2000 gear tester, 74.8" max diameter, .79 dp, 15.7" max width, pitranik pc4k01 control, new 1981 machine specifications: * max base circle diameter 74.8" * min base circle diameter...

  • DEA, Beta 2405B, Gantry Type,100"X f-b,72.05"Y l-r,38.19"Zup/down,granite t

    No price - Brockton, MA
    • Manufacturer: Dea

    swpc(1," swpc(2," dea gantry type beta 2405b cmm tutor p software and x axis (f-b)100" y axis (l-r) 72.05" z axis (up/down) 38.19" windows tutor p software tutor p control renishaw probe s...


    No price - Des Plaines, IL
    • Manufacturer: HEIDENHAIN

    manufactured 1997 stock number ro14004 acceptance testing measure both dynamic and static components of deviation dynamic measurements provide information on contouring behavior static measurements...

  • Refurbished Associated Research 5220A

    No price - Lake Mary, FL

      associated research 5220a details associated research 5220atransconductance amplifierthe associated research 5220a is a 15 kv, dc hipot tester. the 5220a's primary application is dielectric wi...

    • Associated Research 5220 Portable DC Hi-Pot

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Associated Research

      associated research 5220 features: voltage output: 1 to 15 kv dc continuously adjustable with 2 ma operating & 15 ma overload kilovoltmeter: is 1-6/15 kv milliammeter: 02/20/200/2000 µa weight: 27 ...

    • Refurbished Solartron 1254

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        solartron 1254 details solartron 1254 schlumbereger frequency response analyzer the 1250 series - frequency response analyzers that will meet your needs today and in the future. using the 'si...

      • Biddle 212359 Insulation Resistance Tester

        No price - Elgin, IL
        • Manufacturer: Biddle

        megger/biddle/avo 212359 features: no scale multipliers multiple test voltages for spot and step voltage testing guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current all are portable, self-contained...

      • Chin-Yi SCF-10 Automatic Capsule Filler

        No price - Midwest, USA
        • Manufacturer: Chin-Yi

        scf-10 semi-automatic capsule filling machine manufacturer: chi yi machinery co. ltd. model: scf-10 features from oem chi yi website: suitable for low speed production. better weight accuracy by sp...

      • 30 Station Macbee Wet-Draw Precision Wire Drawing Machine

        $99,500 - Akron, OH
        • Manufacturer: Vector
        • Capacity: 10 ga. nominal (max) .001 dia. finished
        • Weight: 30,000 lbs. (est.)

        record number: 2420 asking price: $99,500 this is a high precision machine intended primarily for smaller diameter wires. it is capable of working any mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, cop...