• 1992 Foster Wheeler 8 MMBTU 3067

    No price - Chattanooga, TN, USA
    • Manufacturer: Foster Wheeler

    foster wheeler dowtherm package boiler (vaporizer). 8 mmbtu, wet tube package boiler, natural gas fired. built 1991, installed 1992, in operation until march 2013. boiler is in very good shape, sti...

  • 1986 First Thermal 4 MMBTU 7175

    No price - Vernon, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: First Thermal

    first thermal dowtherm vaporizer, capacity 4 mmbtu/hr output with 5.5 mmbtu input. serial number 47351. designed to burn #2 fuel oil or natural gas. includes gas train and 1 fuel pump. burner is by...

  • thermal oil boiler

    No price - Lombardy, Italy

      sale boiler, used, thermal oil, bono building model omp2000 / pa, potential 2,000,000 kcal / h oil and preheater daria

    • thermal oil boiler

      No price - Lombardy, Italy

        for sale thermal oil boiler used, year 2011, bono construction, vertical with walkway and staircase, potential 1,000,000 kcal / h with natural gas

      • thermal oil boiler

        No price - Lombardy, Italy

          sale boiler, used, thermal oil construction therma model dto 2500, potential 2,500,000 kcal / h with a gas burner

        • diathermic oil boilers

          No price - Lombardy, Italy

            no sale. 2 boilers, use, thermal oil, type omp 1500 / pa bono construction, potential 1,500,000 kcal / h gas preheater daria

          • 5.6 MMBtu/hr. Industrial Combustion Burner

            $18,500 - Moberly, MO, USA

              5.6 mmbtu/hr. industrial combustion burner - the m series burner is designed for a wide range of applications, including boilers, heaters, furnaces, kilns and dryers. capable of firing natural gas,...

            • Vapor Recovery Unit

              No price - Moberly, MO, USA
              • Manufacturer: Ideal

              a vapor recovery unit can be used to recover (condense) hydrocarbons from the gas stream extracted out of the thermal desorption unit. the hydrocarbons can be reused in the process as an alternativ...

            • Boiler heave

              No price - Altenglan, Germany

                it is a boiler of the company heuft with natural gas burner type ek 02.18 g-zv. power 162 kw the complex is in a very good condition and was regularly maintained the original price of such a boile...

              • 1998 Regiomat PSS 900 kW Thermal oil plant complete

                No price - Allschwil, Switzerland Recently Added
                • Manufacturer: Regiomat PSS

                thermal oil plant 900 kw complete regiomat pss 900 kw used machine complete thermal oil plant consisting of the following components: -thermoölerhitzer 900 kw, horizontal design, delta-t: 40 k -saf...