• ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3900 4-Ch Modular Laser Diode Controller

    $1,200 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: ILX LIGHTWAVE

    the ilx lightwave ldc-3900 modular laser diode controller features four channels with eight isolated outputs for controlling multiple laser diodes. modules include current sources, these modules al...

  • Pentronix PTX Press Vintage Pentronix PTX Press Brochure

    No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Pentronix

    early press for electronics materials such as cores, thermistors, beads, etc. unique design. this is a late 60's vintage catalog. pentronix 1204, 601 602, 1601, 3102 presses stock number: dpm-9988

  • Advanced Instruments 3250 Osmometer Osmometer

    $5,499 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Advanced Instruments

    the advanced instruments 3250 osmometer is a microvolume osmolality tester. its high-precision thermistors utilize freezing point depression methods with customizable test parameters to accurately ...

  • ILX LIGHTWAVE LDC-3722 Low Power Laser Diode Controller

    $1,800 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: ILX LIGHTWAVE

    ilx lightwave ldc-3722 low power laser diode controller is a combination of both laser diode current and temperature control in the same instrument. the current source provides a high stability out...

  • NEWPORT 3150 350 Watt Temperature Controller

    $1,500 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Manufacturer: Newport

    the newport 3150 temperature controller is a precision thermoelectric cooler controller. it is operational with most thermistors, ic and rtd temperature sensors. a high power 7w2 female d-connector...

  • Agilent 8478B, Keysight 8478B, HP 8478B, Coaxial Thermistor Mount

    No price - Vista, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the agilent hp 8478b coaxial thermistor mount provides high efficiency and good radio frequency (rf) match, which are characteristic of the hp 8478b coaxial thermistor mounts. used in conjunction w...

  • Agilent N432A, Keysight N432A, HP N432A, Thermistor Power Meter

    No price - Vista, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Agilent
  • Thermi Aesthetics Thermi RF Laser Radio Frequency (rf)

    $32,000 - Dallas, TX, USA
    • Manufacturer: Thermi Aesthetics

    id# 2012 *** reduced pricing *** thermi aesthetics thermi rf mfg. 7/2014 software version: 9.12 includes: rf generator, workstation cart, thermiview infrared camera with monitor, 1 foot pedals, gro...

  • Hybaid T220 Shake n Stack Hybridisation Oven O21865 S21865

    No price - Chorley, United Kingdom

      temperature rotisserie shaker dimensions alarm: yes, audible (5°c above set temp) | range: ambient +8°c to 85°c | speed: 4-10 spm | weight: 17.6kg (220v) 21.1kg (110v) | display: digital | capacity...

    • Tegam F1130B RF Power Sensors

      $9,995 - San Diego, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Tegam

      the tegam f1130b temperature controlled coaxial rf power transfer standard enables the precise measurement of microwave power in the 100 khz to 18 ghz frequency range. these units are extremely rug...