• Brinkman polytron PT 3000 Homoginizer

    No price - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Brinkman

    product the polytron pt 3000 homogenizer is for sample volumes of 0.5ml to 10l. homogenizers are used to rapidly break down plant and animal tissue for chemical analysis, prepare emulsions and sam...

  • ResMed S7 VPAP Tx Lab System *Certified*

    No price - San Diego, CA Recently Added

      the resmed s7 vpap tx lab system is in excellent condition and certified to proper operating specifications. the system includes the s7 vpap tx therapy device, faceplate, humidaire i2, humidaire i2...

    • Pion pSOL 3 50254

      $3,950 - Freehold Township, NJ
      • Manufacturer: Pion

      intrinsic solubility measuring system. for measuring equilibrium solubility using the method of potentimetric titration. provides reliable, reproducible results for the ph conditions you require. g...

    • 2013 Deutsche Metrohm Metrohm Titrando

      $25,211 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Deutsche Metrohm

      metrohm titration titrando 851. 874. with oven sample processor magnetic. pc, software and monitor.

    • Metrohm Titrino 785 29194

      $4,975 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Metrohm

      metrohm titration 785 dmp titrino. with sample changer 760. sc controller. 50ml exchange unit and additional 20ml exchange unit. pc with vesuv 3.0 software. good condition.

    • Metrohm Titrando 836 19275

      $10,715 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Metrohm

      metrohm titration systemtitrando 836. karl fischer titration stand. ti-stand 803. tiamo software 1.2.1. 2x dosino drive 800 with 5 ml and 10 ml. metrohm portable ph-meter 826. ibm computer. monitor...

    • Mitsubishi CA-100 Moisture measuring system

      $1,155 - Borken, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

      here we offer a moisture measuring system. the mitsubishi ca-100 moisture analyzer is designed to perform moisture detection tests on liquid, solid and gaseous samples. with the ca-100 model, up ...

    • Metrohm VA 746 25717

      $4,912 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Metrohm

      metrohm polarography system. consisting of trace analyser va 746. stand measuring va 747. covers. titration vessel of pfa. va backup for win 95 software.

    • Metrohm Methrom Karl-Fischer-Automat 633 24248

      $2,155 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Fischer

      metrohm karl fischer titration system 633. for the determination of water content. incl. pump unit 681. dosimat 685 with 10 ml exchange unit. stirrer e649. 230 v. 50/60 hz. 30 w. without evaluation...

    • Hanna Instruments 84 429 HALLO Lactic acid titration mini Titrator

      No price - Tatabánya, Hungary
      • Manufacturer: Hanna Instruments

      lactic acid titration mini titrator (serial number: 3061) considering 84429 titrator designed dairy products to meet the needs of food hello titratable acidity measurement is used manufacturer: han...