• Agilent 15V/3A Fast Transient DC Source 66111A

    No price - Elgin, IL, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    the keysight agilent hp 66111a is one of our refurbished 15v/3a fast transient dc sources. nist calibration pricing - $115.00 keysight agilent hp 66111a features: 5 a peak current sourcing for next...

  • California Instrument FCS18

    $6,995 - United States
    • Manufacturer: California Instrument

    california instruments fcs18-3hga-4756 ac power supply. 18 kva 3 phase with hga controller for waveform, harmonic, and transient generation. in stock condition: reconditioned

  • Velonex 510

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

      velonex 510 details velonex 510 surge transient generator the velonex 510 is an easy-to-operate completely solid-state and fully shielded instrument, providing bursts of sine waves. this unit is co...

    • Teseq Schaffner NSG625

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

        teseq schaffner nsg625 details teseq schaffner nsg625 fast transient simulator burst generator plug-in teseq schaffner nsg625 datasheet & specifications

      • Solar 2654-2, Lightning Transient Generator System

        No price - Vista, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Solar

        solar 2654-2the solar 2654-2 lightning generator synthesizes electrical impulses needed for testing susceptibility to transients induced in aircraft equipment by lightning strikes.  the peak voltag...

      • Solar 8282-1, Transient Pulse Generator

        No price - Vista, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Solar

        the solar 8282-1 transient pulse generator was designed for screen room use in making conducted spike susceptibility tests. it provides all the waveshapes required by mil-std-461b, mil-std-461c and...

      • Solar 9354-1, Universal Transient Generator

        No price - Vista, CA, USA
        • Manufacturer: Solar

        the solar 9354-1 transient generator was specifically engineered for pulse susceptibility testing on subsystems and equipment. with various accessories, including reactive networks and coupling dev...

      • Keytek CM-EFT

        No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

          keytek cm-eft details keytek cm-eft electrical fast transient provides electrical fast transient (eft) test capability to iec 1000-4-4 for the cemaster compliance-level immunity tester. keytek cm-e...

        • SORENSEN DCR300-3B 300V 3A Single Output DC Power Supply

          $950 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Sorensen

          the sorensen dcr300-3b high power programmable power supply has an input scr controlled regulator which provides unparalleled reliability along with regulation and transient response performance su...

        • emtest UCS200N, Automotive Transient Tester

          No price - Vista, CA, USA
          • Manufacturer: emtest

          the em test ucs 200n ultra-compact simulator for automotive transients unifies the capabilites of an eft/burst simualtor, a micropulse simulator and the required coupling network into one box. the ...