• Javo brushing unit for trays

    • Manufacturer: Javo Machinerie

      javo brushing unit for trays for cleaning the tray after filling easily adjustable for various tray heights easy to connect to other systems  / trayfilling lines adjustable speed of the conveyor belt fully integr...

      $3,532 (USD)
      Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • Flier trayseeding machine with vibratory bowl seeder

      • Manufacturer: Flier Machinerie

        flier trayseeding machine with vibratory bowl seeder. for tray / boxseeding constantly feeding of the seed (but adjustable feeding) belt is 400 cm long x 40 cm wide with brush for topcleaning of the trays.

        $2,678 (USD)
        Rotterdam, Netherlands
      • Visser F20

        • Manufacturer: Visser

          visser f20 trayseeding machine with vibratory bowl seeder. for tray / boxseeding constantly feeding of the seed (but adjustable feeding) with roller conveyor 20 seeding tubes (adjustable)

          $2,849 (USD)
          Rotterdam, Netherlands
        • Visser seedingmachine with trayseeder

          • Manufacturer: Visser

            visser seeding machine. pneumatic / mechanical seeder for alyssium and lobelia 300 x 36 cm

            $2,564 (USD)
            Rotterdam, Netherlands
          • 2006 Da Ros RC7

            • Manufacturer: Da Ros

              da ros tray filling machine with dibblier and planting line machine for filling polystyrene and plastic trays, pots completely inside shuttle trays. the filling system used here allows  homogeneous filling into s...

              $13,105 (USD)
              Rotterdam, Netherlands
            • Javo traywasser

              • Manufacturer: Javo Machinerie

                the javo tray cleaner is completely stainless steel, simple to use, and maintenance free. this machine can be used for virtually any type and size of tray. the tray cleaner has 2 fast rotating spray arms which ar...

                $4,273 (USD)
                Rotterdam, Netherlands
              • Visser Speedrouline

                • Manufacturer: Visser

                  visser speed rouline is a drum seeder on a conveyor belt and is designed to seed in trays. the drum seeder is used for a higher capacity than the granette nozzle seeder. the heart of the machine is the rotating d...

                  $4,957 (USD)
                  Rotterdam, Netherlands

                  • Manufacturer: Duncan

                    duncan 10' roller/drill c/w wheels c/w hectare met.the ultimate roller drill. featuring deep vee rings and the peg roller box for accurately sowing all seeds to low range. this is a 10 foot machine and come compl...

                    $14,014 (USD)
                    Canterbury, New Zealand
                  • 2015 Claydon 4M Hybrid

                    • Manufacturer: Hybrid

                      front granular fertilizer hopper with 1750 litres capacity seeding tines: 13 pcs pre-emergence markers tramline equipment row markers hydraulic stone protection rear batter boards following harrow

                      $69,852 (USD)
                      Tartu, Estonia

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