• PPFTP 235 Racing Trailers Transporter 3500kg

    $32,982 - Bassum, Germany

      description: plane and aluminiumspriegel fixed. the tarpaulin is fastened by an aluminum strip and folds stretched smooth. the lateral sliding tarpaulin is behind also screwed and has a lockable fr...

    • Henra TR N 3500kg

      $2,911 - De Lutte, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Henra

      as well as new henra machine transporter from the year 2012 this heavy duty loader has a gross payload of 3500kg and a curb weight of just 660 kg making it no less than 2840 kg may load. the dime...

    • Westhoff 3500KG 3ASSER

      $7,144 - Duiven, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Westhoff

      options: jockey wheel, winch weight: 1.000 kg | price info: incl. vat | load capacity: 2.500 kg | condition info: new

    • Stedele auto transporter DSAT 850 GVW 3500kg, turntable car trailer

      $5,467 - Bassum, Germany

        turntable for car transport with gvw 3500 kg, including ramps manufacturer: stedele type: dsat 850 gvwr:. 3500 kg load capacity: approx 2140 kg case interior dimensions approx .: 8,500 x 2,100 mm f...

      • 2007 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (515, 3500kg)

        $8,939 - Riga, Latvia Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

        abs airbags central locking immobilizer inside measurement (length / width / height) mm.: 4300/2080/2300 lift: 750kg dhollandia other equipment: nobraukums ~400000km; asr power steering power windo...

      • Daltec Agados Carco 35L Car trailer 3500kg from exhibition / sale

        $4,253 - Sutter Landtechnik GmbH, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Daltec

        trailer loader total weight 3500 kg / payload 2830 kg, 380x180x35cm, rear props, towing eye can also be changed to ball coupling, exhibition trailer, !!!!!!! top price

      • 2016 Böckmann Böckmann trailers 4121/35 with aluminum rails 3500kg

        $4,286 - Tamsweg, Austria
        • Manufacturer: Böckmann

        aluminum type of ticket böckmann pkw professional trailers for industrial use. böckmann hl-al 4121/35. 3500 kg total weight, telescopic crank supports mounted behind aluminum loading rails 2700 kg ...

      • 2006 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Furgón 311CDI 3550mm/3500kg

        $8,407 - Lugo, Spain Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

        mercedes-benz sprinter van 311cdi 3550mm / 3500kg year 2006 diesel kms renting capital: direct sale without intermediaries vehicles inspected and guaranteed at national level (garanti-plus), withou...

      • 2016 Boro Boss 4x2 3500kg klapi

        $3,279 - Heinola, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Boss

        100cm online opportunities limited edition / price boss 4x2 the total mass of 3500kg carrying capacity of more than 2700kg removable and network sides open, height 100cm 185-14c tires m + s a...

      • 2016 Boro ATLAS 4x2 3500kg verkkolaidat

        $4,664 - Heinola, Finland
        • Manufacturer: Atlas-Copco

        + hydraulic dumper + open / removable sides / ramp standby network gunwales eg klapin-tasking friendly the wings and struts irtavat lavettina easily and is suitable for even the transport vehicle...