• 2016 AXOMATIC AXO1000 Collapsible-tube filling and sealing machines

    $99,974 - Baden-Baden, Germany
    • Manufacturer: AXOMATIC

    collapsible-tube filling and sealing machines axomatic axo1000 new machine fully automatic tube filling machine

  • 1995 Fully automatic tube filling line

    No price - Lower Saxony, Germany Recently Added

      grunwald - bj. 1995 - niedersachsen dosing: 500 - 1000 ml, power: up to max. 2,000 tubes / h, based on a capacity of 875 ml, dimensions: lxwxh: 5,430 x 1,600 x 2,500 mm, was in use for the filling ...

    • Kalix KX700 Tube Filling and Sealing Machine, Upgraded PLC

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: KALIX

      1-used kalix model kx-700 automatic tube filler/sealer, s/n 8526.  rated up to 70 tubes per minute, machine currently equipped with aluminum tube sealing parts.  with upgraded plc, machine has auto...

    • 1981 Pirzer

      No price - Burgwald, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Pirzer

      24 long tube filling valves 6 head crown corker ref #: 0123 | working direction: left - right

    • 2005 Pichon 8100L

      $14,715 - Vert-Toulon, France
      • Manufacturer: Pichon

      ton lisier pichon 8100l, axle bogie - level indicator tube - filling up d300, scale - phare work - 21.3r24 wheels - snap fast semi rigid lift

    • Comadis automatic plastic radiant heat tube filler

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: COMADIS

      1-used comadis automatic plastic tube filling and sealing machine.  equipped with “radiant heat" tube sealing, filler has top mounted jacketed hopper, tube registration and tube magazine.  presentl...

    • 2002 SMB-Niko Multima L

      No price - Burgwald, Germany
      • Manufacturer: SMB-Niko

      beer filler smb/leibinger 18-4-4 with 18 long-tube filling valves, 4-head crowner and 4 head aluminium screw capper incl. pre-evacuation system incl. saftey housing incl. cip-tulps

    • KALIX KX-70

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: KALIX

      1-used kalix kx-70 fully automatic hot air plastic tube filling/sealing machine, s/n 8251.  with stainless steel cabinetry, machine has stainless steel agitated hopper, tube registration, trimming ...

    • IMA IMA C960

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: IMA

      1-used ima/comadis model c960 hot air plastic automatic tube filling and sealing machine. rated up to 60 tubes per minute (3600 tubes per hour), machine has parts for 35mm, 40mm and 50mm diameter t...

    • COMADIS C100

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: COMADIS

      1-used comadis model c100 automatic tube filling machine, machine number 5c100/u-39/88.  with stainless steel cabinetry, this tube filler has tube magazine, tube registration and top mounted stainl...