• Detrex 2D-12-ER Challenger

    $5,900 - Watertown, CT, USA
    • Manufacturer: Challenger

    make: detrex model: 2d-12-er challenger serial no.: 68878 size: 12-18-12 230 volts single phase 60 hz two tanks tank size: 18" x 12" water separator wand spray recirculating pump refrigeration unit...

  • Baron-Blakeslee MRR-20

    $24,000 - Watertown, CT, USA
    • Manufacturer: Baron-Blakeslee

    make: baron-blakeslee model: msr-280 sump dims: 20" x 14" sump depth: 16" boiling sump dims: 18" boiling sump depth: 18" secondary refridgeration dual cold traps capacity: 21 gallons solvent side &...

  • HK Surgical Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

    $1,095 - San Diego, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: HK Surgical

    the hk surgical ultrasonic cleaning machine (#ucm) comes standard with an instrument basket, cover lid, and ultrasonic cleaning solution (1 quart).the cleaning machine provides optimal results in y...

  • 1994 Lewis(Stoelting)Ultrasonic,4-Sta.,25"x24",Agitate,Rinse,Infra-Red Dryer,Reblt, #36339

    No price - Lincolnshire, IL, USA
      • Capacity: 40 Lbs.
      • Weight: 10,000 Lbs.

      serial no. cdr-2524-sp-3434 new - 1994 general description: this system is a (3) three tank ultrasonic cleaning machine with a powered infeed conveyor, auto basket indexer, lift mechanisms coupled ...

    • ESMA, Ultrasonic E889, 18 Gal. Cap., 1800 Watt, Stnlss Steel, Filt. Sys., Heater #42536

      No price - Lincolnshire, IL, USA Recently Added
        • Weight: 300 lbs.

        serial no. 889-16 new - general information: the esma e889 is an automated computer controlled system which runs a timed cycle of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic rinsing,and hot air drying, all at...

      • 2009 Haas Multigrind CB

        No price - Chicago, IL, USA Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Haas
        • Weight: 18,739lbs.

        -gantry loader -5-axis with onboard dressing spindle -10 station tool changer -blum laser tool measure -renishaw lp2 positioning probe -siemens controller -30 kw (40 hp) -cb central cooling system ...

      • 2001 Schweitzer Chemie Ultrasonic washing machine

        $2,821 - Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Schweitzer Chemie

        plus kln ultrasonic generator changes and errors reserved in the technical data

      • Everest Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

        No price - Germany
        • Manufacturer: Everest

        ultrasonic cleaning equipment everest new machine more information

      • 2015 Novatec 2CRD200-ROT ultrasonic washing machine

        No price - Upper Austria, Austria
        • Manufacturer: Novatec

        ultrasonic cleaning system for the pretreatment before the pvd/dlc coating, water-based. precision cleaning system (austellungsanlage, pilot plant) is designed for the critical cleaning of metal pa...

      • Allgaier TSM 1600 Tumbler screening machine

        No price - Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: ALLGAIER

        tumbler screening machine allgaier tsm 1600 used machine screening machine swash allgaier tsm 1600/3 incl. spinning foot screens material: mild steel drive: 4,0 kw weight: ca. 1040 kg each deck are...