• Vacuubrand MZ 2C Chemistry Vacuum System

        the vacuubrand mz 2c chemistry vacuum system is designed for a variety of application including evacuation, evaporation and pumping of gases and vapors in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories with...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Leybold D65BCS Vacuum Pump Herbert Odelwald 90L/4A Leybold 1500 LPM Vacuum Pump Leybold D65BCS

        • Manufacturer: Leybold

          leybold d65bcs vacuum pump herbert odelwald 90l/4a leybold 1500 lpm vacuum pump leybold d65bcs used very nice! leybold d65bcs vacuum pump leybold 1500 lpm vacuum pump leybold d65bcs used very nice! leybold d65 d6...

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          Manasquan, NJ, USA
        • Trivac NT 10 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

              the trivac nt 10 rotary vane vacuum pump is a dual stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pump.  the pump is capable of pumping gases and vapours out of vessels and vacuum systems down into the medium vacuum pressur...

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              East Lyme, CT, USA
            • Trivac E - Two Stage Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pump D2.5E

                  the trivac e - two stage oil sealed rotary vane pump d2.5e is a compact, highly reliable yet quiet oil-sealed vacuum pump. the trivac d2,5e pump is designed for a variety of applications including mass and x-ray ...

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                  East Lyme, CT, USA
                • Agilent Technologies MS40+ Roughing Pump G1960-80040

                  • Manufacturer: Agilent

                    the ms40+ roughing pump g1960-80040 is a mono stage rotary vane vacuum pump.  it is used as a roughing pump for agilent 6000 and 6100 single quadrupole lc/ms due to its high pumping capacity, small footprint, and...

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                    East Lyme, CT, USA
                  • Savant VP 100 Rotary Vane Dual Stage Vacuum Pump

                    • Manufacturer: Savant

                      the savant vp 100 rotary vane dual stage vacuum pump  is a durable vacuum pump with a superior vapor handling capability. it offers an excellent ultimate pressure of 1x10-4 torr.  this pump is commonly used for v...

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                      East Lyme, CT, USA
                    • 48" Thomas Engineering Accela Cota coating pan system

                      • Manufacturer: Thomas

                        used 48" thomas engineering accela cota coating pan, model 48-m, serial# 567. unit includes compu-coat controls, solution tank, pumping station and spray guns.

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                        Cleveland, OH, USA
                      • Denton Vacuum Explorer 14 61455

                        • Manufacturer: Denton Vacuum

                          dc sputtering system. chamber: 12 in. dia. x 18 in. h glass pyrex bell jar with guard. 15-inch dia. baseplate/pumping plenum assembly supported by system cabinet. system mounted on casters. pumping system: turbom...

                          Freehold Township, NJ, USA
                        • ASTeX Large Volume Plasma Processing System (ECR-PECVD-MPCVD-MOCVD)

                          • Manufacturer: Astex

                            large volume plasma processing system buyer can choose from one or both of the following complete vacuum pumping packages engineered for this system:a.) boc edwards gv600 industrial drypumping package equipped wi...

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                            Leominster, MA, USA
                          • Welch 1426 Gel Master Gel Dryer Vacuum Pump System

                            • Manufacturer: Welch

                              condenses vapors to liquid form and continuously removes the liquid from the vacuum system, the trap uses a patented liquid valve technology employing a corrosion resistant pumping/trapping medium which draws the...

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                              Mountain View, CA, USA