• 2006 Kronseder-Eurovac KIT - 350 Vacuum dryer interval

    No price - Kirnberg an der Mank, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kronseder-Eurovac

    -) capacity / stacking space: 3.5 m -) container diameter: 1,100 mm -) line length: 5,800 mm -) width of the plant: 1.300 mm -) height of the plant: 1.700 mm -) length of the woodpile: 4.500 mm -) ...


    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: FRIULAIR

    dryer air complete with n. 2 filters excellent preservation of use

  • 2002 Woodmaster S.R.O. WMS 04

    $17,902 - Slovakia Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Woodmaster S.R.O.

    dielectric vacuum oven timber suitable for the treatment of the germ wood or hard wood to dry.

  • 2016 Polma P.V.D.K 5

    No price - Ukraine Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Polma

    boards are placed inside the chamber layers, alternating with aluminum heating plates. water pump circulates the hot water inside the plates. water is heated by a boiler, and the vacuum inside the ...

  • 2016 P.V.D.K 1.5

    No price - Ukraine Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: P.V.D.K

    this unit (p.v.d.k. 1.5) is the best solution for small-scale wood processing company. to set the vacuum drying chamber must have heated space and electricity (380 v). thanks to its "modest" dimens...


    $64,900 - Canada
    • Manufacturer: AIM WOOD UG

    drying chamber with a 12-24 hour cycle advanced over many of the shortcomings found in convective and other vacuum technology, is designed for dewatering of large-sized timber of any species. --vo...

  • 2016 AIM WOOD UG MGHPG-0060-LX Microwave+vacuum for dryer wood [BD-280300]

    $70,000 - Spain
    • Manufacturer: Fast

    vacuum kiln with microwave --exceedingly ergonomic drying chamber, with unrivalled stability and great performance. it provides uniform clamping on the boards, six hydraulic contours. vacuum dry k...

  • INCOMAC MAC 60 2G Vacuum timber drying

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: MAC

    overall dimensions: length 4,750; width 1650 mm; height 1800 mm; capacity about 4 m3;

  • Cigomak 5 metri cubi 5 metri cubi Vacuum dryer for wood cubic meters

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Cigomak 5 metri cubi

    vacuum dryer for wood used 5 cubic meters, repainted, 12aluminum plates to 1100x5000, dryer in perfect condition like new but at half the price. 6 months warranty, including installation

  • 1998 Cigomak 12 MC Sottovuoto a piastre 12 metri cubi Vacuum dryer for wood cubic meter

    No price - Italy
    • Manufacturer: Cigomak 12 MC

    vacuum dryer for wood used 12 cubic meters cigomak, reconditioned, repainted, new electrical panel with computer, vacuum pump new water, 20 aluminum plates to 1400x6300 new, new valves, solenoid va...