• Pfauter P900 CNC 5-Axis Universal Gear Hobbing Machine

    • Manufacturer: Pfauter
    • Capacity: 22 gallons per/min.
    • Weight: 18,700 lbs (8,500 kGs)

    equipped with: rebuilt/retrofitted in 2000 suitable for the cutting of spur and helical gears, pinions, splines, sprockets, worm gears and other workpieces of similar profile up to 36" (900mm) diameter, 18" (457m...

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    Lincolnwood, IL, USA
  • 2001 Hardinge Quest 51 6215

    • Manufacturer: Hardinge

      tailstock: yes | chuck size: 8.00 | bar capacity: 2.000 | tool positions: 12 | coolant type(s): high pressure coolant | control make/model: 21it fanuc control | live tooling / milling: yes | additional machine s...

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      Maitland, FL, USA
    • Prospect Machine, Inc. PM Universal Mill

      • Manufacturer: PM

        pm universal mill manufacturer: prospect machine offers variable speed milling with auger induced hopper multifaceted milling wheel for specialized grinding of dry or moist ingredients quick and easy to clean set...

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        Midwest, USA
      • DI PALO Milling head

        • Manufacturer: DI PALO

          type: milling head | technical details: iso 50 | overall dimensions: 700 x 400 x 540 mm.

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          Collegno, Italy
        • RAMBAUDI Milling head

          • Manufacturer: Rambaudi

            iso 50 - rpm 3000 type: milling head | technical details: iso 50 | overall dimensions: 540 x 500 x 1320 mm.

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            Collegno, Italy
          • TESTA Milling head

            • Manufacturer: TESTA

              angular milling head type: milling head | overall dimensions: 620 x 370 x 260 mm.

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              Collegno, Italy
            • WALDRICH Milling head

              • Manufacturer: WALDRICH

                type: milling head | power: 60 hp.

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                Collegno, Italy
              • Various mechanical equipment

                    table to divide diam 200 horizontally and vert table to divide diam. 320 madrino diam 400 m005 tilting board 610x305x253 countertop 800x600 various used tool tools (milling cutters, boring machines, etc.)

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                    Emilia-Romagna, Italy
                  • Portable drilling + milling plant

                    • Manufacturer: Schiess

                      portable drilling and milling work. for mobile drilling, milling, spindles, saws... you can edit sheets / slabs with this boring work. with this drill works, you can edit rings, blanks and pipes. technical data: ...

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                    • 1998 Mazak SQT250MY

                      • Manufacturer: Mazak

                        11 sets of soft jaws (machined to various sizes) 5 boring bar sleeves (various sizes) 10 mill/drill collets 6 live tooling holders 3 boring bar holders 3 tool holders 4 stage air dryer available manuals tailstock...

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                        Chicago, IL, USA