• Workshop equipment

    $1,820 - Faenza, Italy

      lot 36 ranked # 2 wood drawers 4 drawers with various tools, hammers, pliers ... etc; 2 multitester for electricity metering; 4 trolleys various sizes, 1 shopping beta tools, 3 drawer units using t...

    • Workshop equipment

      $36,985 - Faenza, Italy

        lot 14 workshop equipment which are not. 4 truck, no. 21 metal barriers tubular welded and galvanized, n. 30 storage trays covers lightweight type 1, n. 20 pallets of tubular storage, no. 30 pallet...

      • Work equipment of various brands

        $1,052 - Faenza, Italy

          lot 26 lot consists of a variety of work tools, including new charger winner, blower eolo, saw to calcetruzzo ryobi, sander ryobi, handy ryobi router, drill de walt, stayer drill, electric saw and ...

        • Workshop work equipment

          $5,397 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

            lot 20 workshop equipment (vices, sanders, grinders, screwdrivers, drills, forceps, vacuum cleaners bench, grindstones, tool chests, work benches with wooden pallets and iron of various sizes, doub...

          • Car workshop equipment

            $4,399 - Faenza, Italy

              lot 69 ranked # 1 vacuum chips, n. 2 vaacum cleaner, 1 vaccum and recoverer used oil, 1 floor staircase, 1 bizerba scales, 1 suction arm radius 3-4 meters fumes, 1 car battery charger telwin comput...

            • BENDING BLM90 WORKSHOP

              $86,341 - Veneto, Italy Recently Added

                cuvatubi blm90 and other 4 bender pedrazzoli. we intend to sell all the equipment for a complete workshop for machining of pipe and iron in gender. briefly we list some equipment present: nr. 5 ben...

              • Workshop equipment

                No price - Faenza, Italy

                  lot 103 2 flexible, 2 drills, 1 screwdriver ggs27 bosch, 1 hilti reciprocating saw; 6 tables workshop including 3 with wheels various measures approximately 100x100x65; 2 workbenches with utensils ...

                • Workshop equipment

                  No price - Faenza, Italy

                    lot 149 1 spinner wheel from red bench; n.1pistola dispenser; 1 air pistol; 1 cordless screwdriver; 1 small table vise; 1 drill press nornik mt0100 crafted gear up with engine and gearbox plan; 1 b...

                  • Various materials for metalware

                    $7,151 - Faenza, Italy

                      lot 3 lot consists of entire hardware, from work tools, electrical equipment, paint, hardware, pneumatic drills bits, etc. sold goods to the body and not to measure some quantities may not reflect,...

                    • Electronic and manual equipment

                      $7,533 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

                        lot 8 electronic instruments and various manual type.