• Workshop equipment

    $2,394 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

      lot 36 ranked # 2 wood drawers 4 drawers with various tools, hammers, pliers ... etc; 2 multitester for electricity metering; 4 trolleys various sizes, 1 shopping beta tools, 3 drawer units using t...

    • Workshop equipment

      $585 - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

        lot 103 2 flexible, 2 drills, 1 screwdriver ggs27 bosch, 1 hilti reciprocating saw; 6 tables workshop including 3 with wheels various measures approximately 100x100x65; 2 workbenches with utensils ...

      • Workshop equipment

        $3,277 - Faenza, Italy

          lot 7 stamper clock; waiting chair with blue fabric and metal frame and shelf magazine rack; desk in white laminate size approximately 180x90x80 cm; metal racks various sizes and shelves; hydraulic...

        • Workshop equipment

          No price - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

            lot 100 various equipment consists of: tool holder for lathes and machining centers; id shanks for mazak cpc; equipment varies for machine tools; tools: drills, end mills, reamers, etc.

          • Workshop equipment

            No price - Faenza, Italy

              lot 85 a complete workshop, albeit in poor condition generally. specifically, the lot contains electric motors used and new, fittings made of cast iron and / or steel of various shapes and sizes, s...

            • 1995 PEM Steel Hall 20x87x11m workshop building Factory with overhead cranes

              No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
              • Manufacturer: PEM

              factory building with overhead cranes pem steel hall 20x87x11m workshop building used machine hot-dip galvanized steel building with two annexed lean to buildings and various overhead cranes. appro...

            • HB 1601 Schreiner Hobelbank Holzkraft Art.-Nr. 5101163

              $611 - Bad Liebenzell, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Holzkraft

              description workbench in professional design with rounded edges incl. 2 round bench dogs, drawer and storage recess french front vice with trapezoidal screw drive and parallel guide zinkenverleimte...

            • HB 2010 schwere Schreiner Hobelbank Holzkraft Art.-Nr. 5102102

              $1,102 - Bad Liebenzell, Germany
              • Manufacturer: Holzkraft

              workbench in professional version heavy and sturdy tongs guides precise and careful processing completely made of solid, massive copper beech all important edges are rounded surfaces oiled environm...

            • 1987 flaco unbekannt Oil dispenser

              $532 - Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
              • Manufacturer: flaco

              oelzapfanlage for fresh oil, with 2 hose up to 10m per pcs., and various accessories noisy images b83vs

            • Universal Cone splitter on excavator, etc, excavator

              No price - Rindisbacher Land- und Forsttechnik, Switzerland Recently Added
              • Manufacturer: Universal

              cone splitter hydr. driven, for attaching to excavators, farm loaders, front loaders, forestry cranes etc., various models available. equipment supplied loose or ready to be mounted to your carrier...