• A.K. Robins Model 81 Vegetable Tumble Washer

    • Manufacturer: A.K. Robins

      a.k. robins model 81 vegetable tumble washer 30" dia. x 132" l drum -- with 1/4" dia. reel perforations for first 120" -- then 12" solid (non-perforated) discharge wash barrel has multiple (removable) lifting pad...

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      Ravenna, OH, USA
    • Washers for vegetables

          homemade, reliable, 220 volt potatoes or other vegetables

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          Saint-Michel, Canada
        • Electrolux-Dito Salad / Vegetable Spinner

          • Manufacturer: Electrolux

            electrolux ss salad spinner make: electrolux model: vp-1 stainless green machine salad spinner vegetable dryer condition: excellent 20 qt capacity 110 power dimensions: 22″ x 22″ x 32″ 21″ diameter tank, 19″ heig...

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            Langley, Canada

            • Manufacturer: Matermacc

              msj 1 row vacum planter includes 1 seed disc your choice on hand, check seed chart. self propelled one row precision vacuum planter, manually operated 60 kg weight total sow, maize, beets, soy, sunflower, rapesee...

              Decorah, IA, USA
            • 2009 FALC 1300 CULTILINE

              • Manufacturer: Falc

                59 inch bed forming with roller for packing firm seed bed pto driven 70-80 hp required 1486 lbs weight height adjustable rear wheels front discs for bed forming aged reduction of $4,000 taken against this cost

                Decorah, IA, USA
              • Eillert CH IN Vegetable washing machines

                • Manufacturer: Eillert

                  vegetable washing machines eillert ch in used machine vegetable centrifuge e ch in this vegetable centrifuge is suitable for a large amount of crops vegetables at once to dry spin cycle. hurts your vegetables int...

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                  North Brabant, Netherlands
                • Items Wooden crates / Vegetable crates

                      794-25 transport vegetables for harvested material, wood version, overall dimensions in each case approx. 1,400 x 1,200 mm, total approx. 30 pcs.

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                      Saint Pölten, Austria
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                      Gothenburg, Sweden
                    • Vegetables packaging

                          lot 4 lot consisted of: iron cages (about 100), vegetables packaging with final distributor logo, big bag (about 8 pallets), damaged bins (about 100). goods sold to body and not to measure. some quantities may no...

                          Faenza, Italy

                              with washer, sorter, sizer, grader, weighing and packaging equipment - 50,000 lbs. per day

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                              Bohemia, NY, USA