• 2016 KFMR Planta

    No price - Unterschneidheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: KFMR

    number of rows of one / two / three or four rows price is for the two rows machine like picture working width 2.13 / 2.92 m, weight 160/330 kg, planting in the row 22-74 cm, width between the r...

  • 2010 Simon

    $3,486 - Niederkirchen bei Deidesheim, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Simon

    special milling machines for vegetable growing plants working width 1.85m tractor track 2 meters, working width: 185, lighting / warner boards, rollers

  • 2016 WEREMCZUK AUR4 bed former

    $16,890 - Niedrzwica Duża, Poland
    • Manufacturer: WEREMCZUK

    growing vegetables requires a careful and thorough soil cultivation. it is essential for a good quality of harvested vegetables and an abundant crop. there are three main methods of growing carrots...

  • 2005 Monosem Super Prefer Launcher

    $4,649 - Juro-Handels GmbH, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Monosem

    planting machine for naked root plants such as leeks, for 60 - 75 cm row spacing with 4 or 5 aggregates, planting distance 7 - 15cm easy handling good condition

  • 2016 Ferrari Remoweed Hackroboter Bj

    No price - Keller Technik AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Ferrari

    with the remoweed automatic hacking machine, ferrari presents a machine that can eliminate the weeds between the rows and between plants in a single operation. with the help of infrared light barri...

  • 2016 Ferrari Fast Block Planting machine Bj

    No price - Keller Technik AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Ferrari

    the automatic planter fastblock is particularly suitable for transplanting salad and other vegetables with a maximum height of 8 - 10 cm. it has a modular design and is available both as an attachm...

  • Breviglieri mbe - 3 Series milling machine "Chemistry-free weed control

    $8,803 - MARTIN RUCKLI AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Breviglieri

    (working width between 40-55cm per element) all milling elements on support beams infinitely adjustable for different row distances, per element 4 knife flanges with 4 knives, throughput max. 55cm,...

  • ASA-Lift LV-12 Onion turner

    $4,946 - GVS Agrar Ins AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: ASA-Lift

    onion turning machine for three-point cultivation, 80cm wide rubber band and foam roll at the front, height-adjustable support wheels, collective equipment at the rear, drive via hydromotor

  • 2011 ASA-Lift WR-135 Onion roul

    $7,913 - GVS Agrar Ins AG, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: ASA-Lift

    onion rocker with rotating square shaft and rubber dipper, 2 disc front, rubber band with 36 mm graduation, 2 pneus rear wheels, pvc rear grille

  • 2016 Masano RSG 185 Massano Reversing Mill Bj

    No price - Keller Technik AG, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Masano

    demo reversing drum, angle knife ideal also for flat machining, 185cm working width, feeding discs, joint shaft with overload protection, dam molding sheet with dam roller, hydraulic motor directly...