• CABINPLANT 1984 Asiedeler

    $3,742 - Hobro, Denmark

      1 round knife, stainless steel für halbieren von senfgurken, 1 round fairs, roast friezer stahl for halving large cuecumbers, 1 circular knife, stainless steel

    • CABINPLANT Blancheur

      $14,970 - Hobro, Denmark

        eyeglass type, ø400 x 6000 mm, direct steam, beveled, complete stainless steel. screw type, slide. 400x6000mm, direct steam, inclined, stainless steel

      • CABINPLANT Drill / Stokudbore

        $5,988 - Hobro, Denmark

          cabin plant udboremaskine for cabbage, 2 heads, pneumatic, double lane, stainless, capacity 4ton per hour.

        • Radiator

          $8,982 - Hobro, Denmark
          • Manufacturer: Radiator Supply House

          radiator. water bath, used to potatoes. length 770 x width 125cm. complete stainless steel

        • Merry go round table

          $5,988 - Hobro, Denmark

            stainless steel, 2 rubber bands, incl. 6 detachable cavity stations, overhead casing and waste system stainless steel, 2 rubber band conveyors - waste

          • Niko Slicer / Langsnitter

            $18,712 - Hobro, Denmark

              nico slicer / lathes / cutting machine for cabbage, ø800mm, complete stainless steel.

            • Paser machine for berries

              $5,688 - Hobro, Denmark

                putting machine for berries. access: 165cm. exit: 80cm. sold: 1mm. total goals: length: 180cm. width: 70cm. height: 165cm. more sold. trens.

              • Peeling machine

                $3,742 - Hobro, Denmark

                  lud impeller type, ø2300 x 1200 mm durchmesser 2300 x 1200 millimeter diameter 2300 x 1200mm

                • Wash / Clean drum, Sold Ø 1mm. VRT4

                  $2,919 - Hobro, Denmark

                    wash / clean drum. vrt4. drum ø: 735mm. drum length: 125cm. sold ø: 1mm. total goals: length: 153cm. width: 102cm. height: 205cm. loss.

                  • Wash / Clean drum. Sold Ø 8mm. VRT3

                    $8,982 - Hobro, Denmark

                      wash / clean drum. vrt3. drum ø: 640mm. drum length: 2780mm. sold ø: 8mm. access: 178cm. departure: 100cm. total goals: length: 410cm. width: 105cm. height: 235cm. loss.