• Splitters for steam heating, eyeglass Ø500mm.

        snegleoptører. snail diameter: 500mm. length of snail: 3000mm. departure height: 1450mm. double cape. for steam heating. trens.

        $7,430 (USD)
        Hobro, Denmark
      • Karborundum peels Dornow

            kardorundum shells with stone trap. producer: dornow model: r-ow-110-a machine id: 25-027 production year: 1995 with 8-pipe rolls, diameter 150 mm incl. frequency converter on screw and rolls, diameter 650 mm. ca...

            $30,960 (USD)
            Hobro, Denmark
          • 2016 Fleece roller / hose reel / film winders

                an efficient helper clever and efficient grow with the nonwoven winder developed for and with the industry the nonwoven winder successfully supports the cultivation and care of strawberries, asparagus and other v...

                No price
                Birr, Switzerland
              • Grinder machine KILIA with trolleys elevator in stainless steel.

                • Manufacturer: Kilia

                  this machine grinder is robust with a big engine to cut fresh or frozen products (meet, vegetable, cheese). due to axis, the machine can do to perfect mix. it is angular, this built to have the big performance an...

                  No price
                  Lorquí, Spain
                • 2017 Rolbatch GmbH Seperatoren und Detektoren Separators and detectors of ferrous and non-ferrous metals RBOOE/003/2017

                      separators and detectors of ferrous and non-ferrous metals rbooe/003/2017 we offer belt detectors and free fall separators of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. the detectors particularly suit for the separation met...

                      No price
                    • RA-A. Dicer. URSCHEL.

                      • Manufacturer: Urschel

                        ideal machine for dicing and slicing. features continuous operation for uninterrupted production. it has a wide selection of blades to provide excellent results in a variety of products such as vegetables, meats ...

                        No price
                        Lorquí, Spain
                      • 2009 Jabelmann 5106

                        • Manufacturer: Jabelmann

                          count scale for potatoes and various vegetables upmatic type 2008, refurbished in 2005, series 03051476; transport and cleaning line jabelmann v5514, year 2009; a small bunker with french production band; a conve...

                          $8,062 (USD)
                          Oradea, Romania
                        • JAPCO RAISIN-BW

                          • Manufacturer: JAPCO

                            raisin washing installations are used in the baking, chocolate and muesli industry. most of the raisins have to be washed before use and the fruits have to be separated from stones, stalks, dust etc. the fruit co...

                            No price
                            Melbourne, Australia
                          • 2007 Hefestus ATHENA SLB SM208 10799

                            • Manufacturer: Hefestus

                              packing machine in modified atmosphere up to 8 sealing cycles per minute seals cassettes of different sizes (max. 360x300mm) machine dimensions (lxwxh): 870 x 1000 x 1490 mm machine weight: 250 kg sealing capaci...

                              $10,942 (USD)
                              Cluj-Napoca, Romania
                            • 300mm height Continuous Band Sealer (SealPro 300)

                                  industrial-grade machines designed for light-duty continuous bag sealing applications. these small yet powerful units will seal bags made with thermoplastic materials including polyethylene (pe), polypropylene (p...

                                  No price
                                  Sydney, Australia

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