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  • 2014 Caffini Synthesys 300 Vine and fruit fruit syrup

    • Manufacturer: Caffini

      Vine and fruit building spray 300 liters with blower 620mm, 2 speed manual transmission, 12 nozzles adjustable deflectors, freshwater tank, lighting, articulated shaft, electric operation the partial widths left ...

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      Marthalen, Switzerland
    • 2015 Caffini Synthesis 300lt 620mm Vine and fruit fruit syrup

      • Manufacturer: Caffini

        Display engine caffini synthesys 300lt with 620mm blower, manual gearbox 12 nozzles, adjustable deflectors, fresh water tank, lighting, articulated shaft, electric operation of partial widths left / right, bertol...

        $6,011 (USD)
        Siblingen, Switzerland
      • $1,638 (USD)
        Beaune, France
      • $2,121 (USD)
        Beaune, France
      • 2017 Egyéb FEDE H3O Dinamic 2000L

        • Manufacturer: Egyéb

          Description fede h3o dinamic 2000l. vine adaptation, mixing tank, sword, stairs, smart flow pro, annovi reverberi pump (120 l / min, 50 atm), 12 tee-jet double nozzles +8 drip-free tee jet. lighting. translat...

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        • 2017 Agrotech TSAP-M-280 Meaat mulching machine

          • Manufacturer: Agrotech

            Meaat mulcherät tsap-m hp medium-weight mulching machine for front and / or rear deck use: grass, vine, tree cut up to 10 cm diameter, etc standard equipment: three-point rebuilding gear, free-wheel drive with do...

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            Benzenschwil, Switzerland
          • 2015 Caffini Synthesis 300 Vineyard building 300lt

            • Manufacturer: Caffini

              Vine and fruit-growing syrup caffini synthesis 300lt blower 620mm, tower with 14 nozzles, air intake from the front. for further designs and options, please contact us

              $6,529 (USD)
              Siblingen, Switzerland
            • Soil preparation work : ACTISOL MULTEA 7 DENTS

              • Manufacturer: ACTISOL MULTEA 7 DENTS

                For vines from 2.2 m to 3 m- 5 teeth + 2 curved extensions- omega roller- hydraulic lift- cracking cushions and fins of 400 mm- carbide tiles and protection nose

                $6,940 (USD)
                Gémozac, France
              • $9,193 (USD)
                Beaune, France
              • $1,767 (USD)
                Beaune, France