• Acampo Machine Works Vineyard Sprayer

    • Manufacturer: Acampo Machine Works

      vineyard sprayers acampo machine works will custom manufacture multiple row vine sprayers that mount into a harvester chassis. these are four row sprayers capable of handling 8 ft. to 11ft. row spacing. sprayers ...

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      Lodi, CA, USA
    • EUROPIAVE ATOMIZZATORE Vineyard tractors

      • Manufacturer: National

        atomizer europiave lt 2000 fiberglass tank, comet ids 1400 brass pump. galvanized conveyor, diam. 800. double brass castings. air rectifier. electric controls with calibrated returns. fully approved mechanical ro...

        Veneto, Italy
      • PIAVE ATOMIZZATORE Vineyard tractors

        • Manufacturer: National

          atomizer piave lt. 1000 tank with resin sink, brass comet ids1000 pump, hot galvanized frame, galvanized conveyor with diam fan. 800 in aluminum, with clutch, 2 speed + neutral castor cast iron, variable blades. ...

          Veneto, Italy

              with hydrostatic transmission - complete for distribution - electric hydraulic - tank lt.1000 - possibility to hydraulic lift - engine john deere 4 cc

              Verona, Italy
            • 1999 FENDT 280 V Vineyard tractors

              • Manufacturer: Fendt
              • Model: 280 V
              • Hours: 6605

              as a title we sell fendt 280 v year of the 1999 car with 6605 working hours the machine is equipped with 2 double acting distributors, 5 hydraulic outputs, synchronized pdf, air conditioning, 80 hp motor, 4 + 1 c...

              Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol, Italy
            • VBC BF Cutting machine

              • Manufacturer: VBC

                very good condition

                Tuscany, Italy
              • VBC C2 Cutting machine

                • Manufacturer: VBC

                  no. 1 pair of vertical bars (dx-sx) with 4 blades per side (1600 mm cut) no. 1 bar greater than 2 blades (800 mm cut) brushing hydraulic adjustment with 1 piston hydraulic height adjustment with 1 piston hydrauli...

                  Marche, Italy
                • 1968 VINEYARD Exenterpresse with feed

                  • Manufacturer: Weingarten

                    weingarten press 160 protons nqqiy9yii

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                    Bavaria, Germany
                  • 2010 AVANT 750 Suckering machines

                    • Manufacturer: Avant
                    • Model: 750

                      avant 750 full version kubota 4 cylinder engine with 50 horses the machine is fitted with 130 different accessories, from the tiller to the digger, from the snow mill to the cutter, cutter, spooler, 10 meter drum...

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                      Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol, Italy
                    • VOLENTIERI PELLENC N.D Cutting machine

                      • Manufacturer: Pellenc

                        pellenc used cup, double l with joystick. shoulder, stainless steel, plate for nh

                        Marche, Italy