• Acampo Machine Works Vineyard Sprayer

    No price - Lodi, CA, USA
    • Manufacturer: Acampo Machine Works

    vineyard sprayers acampo machine works will custom manufacture multiple row vine sprayers that mount into a harvester chassis. these are four row sprayers capable of handling 8 ft. to 11ft. row spa...

  • EUROPIAVE ATOMIZZATORE Vineyard tractors

    $4,370 - Veneto, Italy
    • Manufacturer: National

    atomizer europiave lt 2000 fiberglass tank, comet ids 1400 brass pump. galvanized conveyor, diam. 800. double brass castings. air rectifier. electric controls with calibrated returns. fully homolog...

  • PIAVE ATOMIZZATORE Vineyard tractors

    $3,921 - Veneto, Italy
    • Manufacturer: National

    atomizer piave lt. 1000 tank with resin sink, brass comet ids1000 pump, hot galvanized frame, galvanized conveyor with diam fan. 800 aluminum, with clutch, 2 speed + neutral castor cast iron, varia...


    $14,475 - Verona, Italy

      with hydrostatic transmission - complete for distribution - electric hydraulic - tank lt.1000 - possibility to hydraulic lift - engine john deere 4 cc

    • VBC C2 Cutting machine

      $5,490 - Marche, Italy
      • Manufacturer: VBC

      no. 1 pair of vertical bars (dx-sx) with 4 blades per side (1600 mm cut) no. 1 bar over 2 blades (800 mm cut) brushing hydraulic adjustment with 1 piston hydraulic height adjustment with 1 piston h...

    • 2010 AVANT 750 Suckering machines

      No price - Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Avant
      • Model: 750

      avant 750 full version kubota 4 cylinder engine with 50 horses the machine is fitted with 130 different accessories, from the tiller to the digger, from the snow mill to the cutter, the cutter, the...

    • VOLENTIERI PELLENC N.D Cutting machine

      $6,610 - Marche, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Pellenc

      pellenc used cup, double l with joystick. shoulder, stainless steel, plate for nh

    • TORDABLE EP PE 6M Suckering machines

      $4,706 - Marche, Italy
      • Manufacturer: EP

      the tordable spooler consists of a series of opposite rotors that rotate in the opposite direction to each other, kravlar fiber scrapes, in vertical position, perform gentle cleansing on the plant ...

    • COLOMBARDO POTEL ad L Cutting machine

      $2,577 - Marche, Italy
      • Manufacturer: COLOMBARDO

      colombardo potel l-reversing cutters vertical blade cm 180 cm rotating blade horizontal (topping) bar hydraulic adjustment column with 3 hydraulic movements: lift, lateral displacement, shunting tr...

    • 2015 CARRARO 3200 Vineyard tractors

      No price - Sardinia, Italy
      • Manufacturer: Carraro

      type engine indirect injection diesel no. of cylinders 3 displacement cc: 1115 maximum engine speeds: 3000 cooling: water power kw 18 cv power 25 actio swinging frame. steering wheels four wheel dr...