• Valhalla Scientific 2701B Programmable Precision DC Voltage Calibrator

    No price - Elgin, IL
    • Manufacturer: Valhalla Scientific

    the 2701b programmable precision dc voltage standard features four voltage ranges of 1.2, 12, 120, and 1200 volts with 6 digit resolution. the 2701b accuracy is +/- 10 ppm + 4ppm of range + 2 uv. l...

  • 2004 Treif Divider 800 – Slicer

    No price - Myre, Norway

      man. year: 2004 slicer treif divider 800 cuts into slices a cheese, sausages and meat products. it also provides an excellent pre-packing and, as a result, superb look of a ready product. capacity...

    • Boonton 9200A RF Millivoltmeter

      No price - Elgin, IL
      • Manufacturer: Boonton

      boonton 9200a features: microprocessor controlled rf millivoltmeter measures rf voltage: 300 v to 700 mhz with 91-7c divider 200 µv to 3 v in the 10 khz to 1.2 ghz range voltage probe data is store...

    • ESI RV722

      No price - Lake Mary, FL

        esi rv722 details esi rv722the rv722 decade voltage divider is a precision resistive voltage divider which uses the kelvin-varley circuit. input terminals provided for the calibration of each ...

      • ESI DT72A

        No price - Lake Mary, FL

          esi dt72a details esi dt72athe dt72a decade transformer standard is a laboratory standard, transformer-type ac decade voltage divider having 0.1 ppm resolution with a seven-dial readout. direc...

        • Hipotronics KVM200-A

          $6,995 - United States
          • Manufacturer: Hipotronics

          hipotronics kv200d kvm200-a kilovoltmeter. 0-199 kv ac or dc. in stock condition: reconditioned the hipotronics kvm series of digital kilovoltmeters are highly accurate, portable high voltage measu...

        • Arm Eggiwil 70 Junk divider

          $5,016 - Völlmin Landtechnik AG, Switzerland
          • Manufacturer: Arm Eggiwil

          arm three-point diverter 70 execution • swivel joint with storz • up / down electrical • swivel joint in chrome steel • distributor with chrome steel parts • voltage-tolerant, electrical industrial...

        • Fluke 80E-10

          No price - Lake Mary, FL
          • Manufacturer: Fluke

          fluke 80e-10 details fluke 80e-10high voltage divider

        • Fluke 720A

          No price - Lake Mary, FL
          • Manufacturer: Fluke

          fluke 720a details fluke 720amodel 720a kelvin-varley divider is a high-resolution primary ratio standard with absolute linearity of 0.1 ppm, temperature coefficient of linearity of 0.1 ppm/ c...

        • Yokogawa 2558

          No price - Lake Mary, FL
          • Manufacturer: Yokogawa

          yokogawa 2558 details yokogawa 2558ac voltage/current standard the 2558 is a precision, stable ac voltage and current source. output voltage or current set using front-panel dials is contro...