Used vortexer rotator shaker

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  • VWR 97043-608 Incubating Microplate Shaker

    • Manufacturer: VWR

      Included components: 2029794 - vwr - manuals warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

      $1,499 (USD)
      San Diego, CA, USA
    • VWR Mini Shaker

      • Manufacturer: VWR

        The vwr mini shaker is a benchtop platform orbital shaker used for continuous agitation and mixing. its speed ranges from 100 to 1200 rpm. with a 3 mm orbit. the lcd display shows the speed and timer countdown. t...

        $1,099 (USD)
        San Diego, CA, USA
      • Fisher Scientific 401000F-2 Shaker

        • Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific

          240v included components: 2027985 - fisher scientific - accessory

          $1,799 (USD)
          San Diego, CA, USA
        • New Brunswick Scientific C1 Platform Shaker

          • Manufacturer: New Brunswick Scientific

            Platform dimensions: 11″ x 13″ warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee

            $999 (USD)
            San Diego, CA, USA
          • Thermolyne M48725

            • Manufacturer: Thermolyne

              The thermolyne m48725 is a benchtop platform mixer with rocking speeds ranging from 2 to 20 rpm and an adjustable platform with an angle range of 1 to 48°.

              $560 (USD)
              San Diego, CA, USA
            • Thermo Scientific Vari-Mix Platform Rocker,Model M79735 120V

              • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

                Provides smooth wave motion for solutions in lab dishes, plates and cell culture flasks. adjustable speed 5 to 30rpm; adjustable rocking angle 1 to 48? from horizontal; 120v 50/60hz, 12w, 0.1a.

                $730 (USD)
                San Diego, CA, USA
              • Retsch MM 400

                • Manufacturer: Retsch

                  The retsch mm 400 is a high performance mixer mill designed for dry, wet, and cryogenic grinding of small samples. it can take material feed size of up to 8 mm and achieve a final sample fineness of up to 5 µm (d...

                  $3,999 (USD)
                  San Diego, CA, USA
                • Thermo Scientific MaxQ 430 HP

                  • Manufacturer: Thermo scientific

                    Speed: 25 – 525 rpm orbit: 1″ platform dimensions: 18″ x 29″ overall dimensions: 8″ h x 26″ d x 30″ w

                    $3,599 (USD)
                    San Diego, CA, USA
                  • Boekel Scientific 130000 GEN-1897

                    • Manufacturer: Boekel Scientific

                      Ideal for immunoassay and research applications, the boekel jitterbug microplate incubator shaker, model no. 130000, has a temperature range of ambient to 40 degrees c. quantity available: two (2) each. note: pho...

                      $800 (USD)
                      San Jose, CA, USA
                    • IKA UT TD C (SO) Ultra Turrax Tube Drive

                      • Manufacturer: IKA

                        The ika ultra turrax tube drive is a single-drive stirring, homogenizing, and grinding system.

                        $799 (USD)
                        San Diego, CA, USA